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Masturbation films, our top 5 hot male solo films for May

Because May is Masturbation Month, we thought we’d share a round-up of five of our fabulous men masturbating videos where our leading gents indulge in some delicious solo pleasure. Masturbation is such an intimate act and to be allowed to watch, to have access and permission to indulge in voyeuristic sex fantasy videos, is a unique experience indeed. We’ve collated...

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Erotic audio – 6 reasons why you need to get down and dirty with some aural pleasures!

Have you listened to our sumptuous new audio porn yet? Oh my, let yourself slip into something more comfortable (aka headphones) and let us talk dirty to you! Here’s why: 1. Intimate listening Letting sexy words wind into your ear zone is intimate and tantalising. Someone talking dirty straight into your mind is a truly exciting and unique experience. The...

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How pleasure apps are changing the way we learn about sex

Pleasure. Intimacy. Self-love. Creativity. Exploration. What are the chances that these words are associated with your memory of sex education in school? Unlikely. Sex education, if you even received any, is typically centred around contraception and the prevention of pregnancy and STIs. Of course, these are essential topics, but isn’t it odd that pleasure—something that brings humans joy—is considered...

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