single double

Coming out as monogamous, will people think I’m boring… am I boring?

With all the wonderful sexual exploration and focus on open relationships, consensual non-monogamy, swinging and more, it could be tempting to think that by being in a long-term monogamous relationship you might be missing out on something, or be perceived as a bit… boring. What happened to those youthful ideals of freedom, joy and sexual abandon? Well, let’s start...

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My Confession by Annabel Bruges

I have this amazing full-length dress that makes me shudder in excitement when I see it. The memory of the first time I wore it out is etched onto my erotic brain. Made wholly of latex, it is long, dropping from neck-to-ankle and is a deep metallic gun-metal grey. Corseted with metal buckles that cinch in my waist accentuating...

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Tattoos – colour me beautiful, a passion for ink

For many years, getting a tattoo was seen as an act of rebellion, westerners who wore tattoos in prominent places tended to come from ‘edgy’ portions of society: teddy boys, Hells Angels and rock musicians. Tattooing has its origins much further back in history and in some countries was very commonplace. Maori’s and the natives of Hawaii decorate their...

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