It’s one of my top fantasies and I made it happen this weekend.

My husband doesn’t give me the sexual attention that I crave so badly so I decided to spice things up.

I used to be a very shy kinda girl, don’t get me wrong I have always loved sex. I just was to worried about what people would think of the things I fantasised about.

Until I met J, no one has EVER been able to turn me on like that before. We told each other everything, I want to try everything with him. My pussy gets so hot, dripping wet, instant orgasms, without even touching him.

Saturday, surprised him with a threesome. I’ve never had sex with another woman before and I know how much it turns him on to think of it and turns me on even more.

So here’s what happened.

J comes home from work, he walks in and there’s a note that reads, “Don’t say a word, just come to the bedroom.”

He grabs his beer, walks slowly, listening. He sees me and a hot blonde making out. We stop kissing, I walk over to him, I place one finger over my lips and tell him shhhhh…. I kiss him.
I get “Alexa” to come over and we undress him.

I tell him to watch. We go back to her kissing me, teasing me, playing with me. She starts licking my pussy, slowly, licking my ass. Making me orgasm. Over and over.

I grab J’s hand bring him by us and he licks her pussy with me. I’m so turned on by him licking that pussy with me that I push him on to the bed and we both start licking and sucking his big, hard, throbbing cock.

What he doesn’t know is her husband is watching and recording every move. He comes out dick in hand grabs me and starts licking my ass. Sticking his cock in my mouth and I’m sucking it while J is getting his cock sucked by her. We’re both so turned on. We party hard together.

The two guys sit back for a moment and just watch us fuck. As she’s eating my pussy, J gets behind her and starts fucking her pussy. I’m just getting wetter and wetter watching, then there’s this hard cock sliding down my throat, I’m moaning so loud I want both cocks in me. I climb up on J and he’s all up in my pussy and then I have a cock in my ass!

OMG what a fucking feeling. Alexa starts kissing me licking both of their cocks as they slide in and out, sucking their balls.

I fuck cum over and over again like never before. I watch them do her, I love sucking on their hot sloppy balls and licking their cocks, bringing it up on my lips as I kiss her. We get down on our knees kissing jacking them off till they cum all over face and tits. I take “J” cock and lick it clean.

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