IS YOUR CONTENT ORIGINAL?: Frolicme films, erotic stories, erotic audio and photographic galleries and articles are produced and created by Frolicme and are fully owned by Frolicme. Frolicme films are 100% owned and created by the Frolicme team and the full catalogue can only be viewed at www.frolicme.com.

CAN I DOWNLOAD YOUR FILMS?: As a full paying monthly or more member, you can download up to 6 of my films per calendar month in 3 specific formats to suit your needs 360p SD, 720p HD and 1080p HD. All you have to do is access the film of your choice, click on SAVEME and choose which download you would like. Once unzipped this film is yours to enjoy time after time after time. The Trial membership restricts your ability to download until after the initial trial period when you become a full-paying monthly member.

WILL I BE ABLE TO WATCH FILMS ON MY PHONE OR TABLET?: All films are formatted to H.264 and compressed to play as an MP4 file so yes you can.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU PUBLISH NEW CONTENT?: Frolicme is continually updating and publishing new stories, films, erotic audio, photographic galleries, features and articles. Each week will see new publications, produced and directed by Frolicme and therefore can only be viewed on this site. Here on Frolicme we pride ourself on creating beautiful, original erotica that enriches the pleasures of love for both women and couples.

CAN I CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP?: Yes, you can cancel any recurring membership package at any time. All you have to do is go to your account admin screen and click on Payment History under Useful Links and this will present you with your payment history (prices shown in GBP as we are UK business). Against your active subscription you will see a pink cancellation link, once pressed your membership will be cancelled and no further payments will be taken. Cancellation will clearly be confirmed against your subscription screen and the date your membership access will stop. At any time, you can log back on to this screen, where you will find a quick link to reactivate your subscription at a later date.

If you’re halfway through a month you will continue to enjoy full access to the site until the remaining period of your 30-day membership is concluded. However, we are not able to offer refunds on the remanding period of a cancelled recurring subscription. Please ensure your membership is cancellated as it is your responsibility if you no longer wish to subscribe. If you have any query or do not see your subscription listed as cancelled having gone through this simple one click process please email support@frolicme.com quoting your username.

CAN I GET A REFUND: Please note, by the nature of subscriptions, they are non-refundable as they offer a period of continued access to my site to enjoy all aspects including streaming, downloads (not for the 5-day trial membership), audio and galleries in return for an agreed payment. At the point you no longer wish to pay to have access, you can cancel at any time, at the end of the paid for period your membership will then expire. There are a variety of payment prices and options to suit your requirement for access, some single payments for a fixed period of access, some ongoing recurring subscriptions that offer access until you cancel.

DUPLICATE MEMBERSHIP: Please note that should you use an alternative email address to sign up and or pay for any further multiple memberships, you are responsible for any duplicate billings. Please do check with support@frolicme.com if you have any queries over any possible active membership before signing up to a new membership. Should you take out a reduced annual membership offer which is not a standard annual upgrade that automatically cancels any monthly recurring billing, please check your monthly recurring membership has been cancelled as we cannot refund duplicate billings.

PRICE DISCREPANCY?: As a UK business, our prices are shown in Pounds (GBP) not Dollars or Euros etc. As the internet is a global shop my prices need to be converted to reflect your currency at the point of purchase and this is done by my payment provider. This does not mean that you are paying anymore living in California to that of someone in the south of France or London…it’s just a currency conversion to reflect the physical base price points. However when on the payment page you will see the payment reflected in your own currency so you know the amount to be charged.

WHEN ARE RECURRING PAYMENTS TAKEN?: Should you opt for a recurring payment option you will be rebilled 30 days from the day you sign up. Should you opt for my Trial membership you will be billed £4.95 at the point of signing up with a second payment being taken 5 days later for the next 30-day access. Thereafter you will be rebilled on a 30-day basis. Should you opt for an annual recurring membership, you will be rebilled 365 from the day you sign up. If you sign up for either a single month of £22.95 or a single annual membership of £59.95, this will not rebill and your membership will naturally expire at the end of the paid-for period.

Please note, you will be rebilled when payments are due under the membership you initially agreed on unless you cancel and receive a notice of cancellation. Please see details of how to cancel above or get in touch with support@frolicme.com to ensure your membership is cancelled. All memberships can be cancelled at any time by you the customer by simply visiting CANCEL

If you are at any time unsure of your membership and if and when it rebills, you can within MY ACCOUNT click on PAYMENTS HISTORY and it will specify the type of membership, its rebill value and the date of your next rebill. These details are also clarified upon the order form, the payment processor’s page and the email confirmation once you have successfully joined.

CAN I PAY BY PAYPAL?: Yes please just select Epoch as your preferred payment solution at the point of check out. This will then direct you to the PayPal payment window. Please note PayPal via Epoch is not available in all countries. If you have any queries regarding PayPal please email support directly at support@frolicme.com

MY CARD HAS BEEN DECLINED WHY? This is due to your issuing bank and not the payment processors or Frolicme. Unfortunately, banks are increasingly sensitive to online payments and declining charges to payment processors that service adult-orientated websites regardless of who we are, effectively censoring what you are able and wish to purchase. If you tried to join and were denied, you can speak with your bank and request authorisation, or try a different option of card or PayPal.

I NEED TO CHANGE THE CARD MY SUBSCRIPTION IS BILLED TOO: You can go online to either CCBill Support and amend your details online with a new card, click on here or if you have used Epoch, you can go online here and request the change of details.

CAN I PAY OVER THE PHONE?: Sadly this is not a service we can offer that this time.

ARE MY ONLINE PAYMENTS PROTECTED?: Absolutely YES, this is one of the single most important aspects of running the Frolicme membership site. Because of this we do not handle or process any of the financial transactions and pay CCBill and Epoch both global financial payment processors to do this for me providing an unparalleled security solution that meets all global regulations giving our customers total peace of mind payment solution.

WHAT DETAILS APPEAR ON MY BANK STATEMENT?: Yes we are conscious that we all need to ensure discretion is maintained and all that will appear on your bank statement is the name, Henry Evelyn and either of my payment providers, ie. CCBill or Epoch. There will be absolutely NO mention of erotica or frolicme.com.

DO YOU SHARE MY MEMBERS DETAILS?: NO. We do not share your email details with any other company or organisation. We will from time to time email to ensure all is well and that you’re aware of exciting developments but that is all.

DO YOU EVER REQUEST MY DETAILS?: NO, we will never email you to request your personal details or password, those remain private to you, so please just like any site online, never share your password with anyone. We do not store passwords in clear text as they are all encrypted for security.

IF I HAVE A PROBLEM WHAT DO I DO?: All you have to do is email support directly at support@frolicme.com and we will be able to help in any way we can.

ARE YOUR FILMS EXPLICIT?: You will find that all the films are naughty in all the right places but do not focus on the gratuitous. It is about producing a moment that embraces everything erotic sex should be about, lots of female pleasure, desire and lust so yes kissing, touching, love-making, respect, passion, excitement and orgasmic situations through and through. It is a sex-positive site promoting consensual beautiful erotic pleasure moments. Please be aware though, they are adult 18+ films.

WHY DON’T YOUR MODELS WEAR CONDOMS?: We try and produce films that represent the intimacy that comes from sharing the passion with a lover and where possible like to work with models that meet all the stringent health checks and regulations needed to work in an unprotected way. We have absolutely no hard or fast rule on this and indeed have a couple of protected shoots in production as they worked for the type of storyline we are producing.

IS YOUR SITE AN ETHICAL FEMINIST PORN SITE?: Yes we can very much stand behind the fact Frolicme is an ethical site, producing our own beautiful erotica and films in house, depicting sex made with the well-being and consent of all involved strictly in mind. Read more about our ethically produced site and the strong standards we hold dear.

DO YOU PRODUCE DVD’s / BLUE RAYs?: At this time no the films are not available on a DVD we only offer quality streaming and a download function for all the films.

WHAT DO I DO IF I FORGET MY LOG-IN DETAILS?: All you have to do is request them to be resent and an email will automatically be forwarded. Alternatively, simply email support@frolicme.com and we will reset your details and forward them by return.

I CAN’T SEEM TO LOG IN?: Please note that the username and password default to all lowercase so if you use a mix of upper and lowercase, please try again in all lowercase… if you continue to have problems please just email me at support@frolicme.com and we will look into this further and fix the problem. Please note that we are based in UK so depending on your location it may take us a few hours to respond as we may be tucked up in bed!

I HAVE ORDERED SOME SEX TOYS BUT HAVE A QUERY?: If you have placed an order via LoveHoney on our Toys Page and have a query regarding your order you need to contact them directly via their customer support you can find here.

Thank you and enjoy Frolicme.com