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We thought we’d pull together some of our favourite sex films that include the underrated yet oh-so-romantic art of kissing. As you know, a good romance often ends with a delicious kiss, and that’s where the eroticism and passion take over. As the song goes…
It started with a kiss…

Couple enjoy some hot passionate kissing on the bed

From the film INSATIABLE

Now if ever a kiss were to leave you in a puddle of your own dripping desire this is it. Luna and Ricky just sizzle on screen as they move back and forth melting into a beautiful moment of fervent smooching. The beginning of this erotic sex movie is just gorgeous. It’s romantic and tender and ignites the passion between the two lovers, letting us know we are truly in for a treat as the chemistry builds. Ricky, still passionately kissing Luna as if it were his last feast, dips his hand into the towelling robe to Luna’s naked breasts, showing how sexually responsive this kiss has made them both. The teasing and touching fans the flames until we are all burning up with lust and desire to see this gorgeous couple fuck each other’s brains out!

Two blondes enjoy passionate kissing outside in the sunshine

From the film MYKONOS HEAT

This film begins with Cherry reading a book on her sunny balcony and then feeling the urge to find her lover, Lola, for a passionate embrace. Ah, the smell of sun-kissed skin and a gentle breeze, all topped off with the taste of your lover’s lips, what a perfect afternoon. The two blonds initiate their sensual dance by trailing kisses down each other’s necks, and their hands wander—brushing back hair and peeling off bikini tops. The passion quickly builds, but the sensual kissing continues throughout, adding to the delicious seduction between these two sexy women. Birdsong and the gentle moans of feminine fun will have you drifting into fantasies of sunkissed bodies and a sea breeze.

Two men and a hot sexy blonde enjoy passionate kissing together

From the film DOUBLE DIP

Ahh, now this kiss, our first sensual moment between two gents as they pleasure one very lucky lady, is delicious indeed. The connection between Don and Edward has real tenderness in the chemistry that drives us wild with lust and desire. There’s something so magical about the way the three lovers take on equal roles in this beautiful ménage, and that kiss, oh that kiss, completely sums up the joy and freedom this film captures. It is a firm favourite already and an intensely erotic romance. Seeing the physicality of the two male bodies, the set of their jaws, the tendons and sinews in their arms as they reach for each other and lean in to share that kiss, is knee-trembling and panty-wetting indeed.

Couple in life passionate kissing each other

from the film LIFT SEX

The passion starts as soon as the lift doors open. We catch a glimpse into some very French kissing action between Mr Delancy and Lucie Li—they can’t keep their hands off each other and ravish and indulge in a truly feverish embrace devouring each other with abandon. The opening scene is absolutely on fire as if they’ve been desperate for each other all evening and now get to indulge in their pent-up lust before they even make it through the front door. A truly seductive lesson into the erotic art of the kiss and the lust it can ignite.

Two gorgeous brunettes kissing each other

from the film I KISSED A GIRL

This film starts with gentle butterfly kisses between two gorgeous brunettes. They are high on a balcony with a glass balustrade overlooking the magnificent view of blue seas and even bluer skies. You can imagine the women have been frolicking in the sun all day and are now back to finally indulge in each other. The kisses are tentative, soft and sexy at first, hinting at what’s to come. It’s amazing how watching the sweet caress of a tongue flicking over another’s lips gets the juices flowing and the need for more quickly follows. This film will have you dreaming of faraway places with the taste of a beautiful dark-haired beauty on your lips…

Couple fully dressed enjoy kissing each other

from the film LA KISS

And we certainly couldn’t leave out this lush film, LA Kiss. Tyler and Loren are clearly having a wonderful time as we join them smiling and giggling while sharing a deliciously intimate kiss. They really know how to get the passion flowing immediately and are both aroused within moments. Tyler obviously loves using his mouth for feasting and devouring in the most gloriously passionate way. Lucky Loren is kissed everywhere with those beautiful, clever, tongue and lips, Tyler eating her out from behind with abandon. A deep rough fuck ensues with deliciously arousing kisses throughout. They are so hungry for each other. There’s something so desperately intimate and passionate about mouths and bodies meeting and sharing at the same time. Oh, to be kissed by Tyler! The way he pauses to smile and look deep into Loren’s eyes will have you desperate for some hot romance of your own.

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