single double


Observations… being the observed. From the safety behind a veil, within the heavy fabrics in a frame that filter out the outside world, I stand proud and watch…. waiting for someone’s attention to participate for the pleasure and for the sexual thrill. As I prepare myself naked by slow, gentle half whispered strokes, anticipation creeps into my senses waiting...

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Listen to me chat with Bibi Lynch on Good Sex Bad Sex

I was recently invited by the fabulous journalist, columnist and broadcaster Bibi Lynch to join her in the studio with writer and comedian Miranda Kane to participate in their latest Good Sex Bad Sex podcast for Metro UK. As the title of their latest media venture confirms, they co-host a series of conversations with an array of guests, discussing topics sex...

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Indulge in the erotic with this years Erotic: Passion & Desire at Sotheby’s

For those interested in acquiring some fine pieces of erotic art there is still time to indulge in your interests in this year’s sale of Erotic: Passion & Desire taking place at London auction house Sotheby’s on 15th February and online. Following on from their very first auction of this nature last year, Sotheby’s has revisited this wealth of...

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