Hi Anna,

I have been enjoying your site and your remarkable works for the last 2 years and had to start the year by messaging you and letting you know how much I appreciate your beautiful take on the world of erotica. Wishing you the very best for 2019 and please keep up the great work.


Hello Anna,

I am a young 73 and interested in developing my skills in the bedroom.  The movie, Cum Together was wonderful and very instructive for me in a variety of ways.  How could I buy a copy of it or how long will it be on the site? He does have a lovely ass but he is loving, fun, communicates well.  They obviously like each other.  For me, watching them interact is what will help me the most.

My sex educator referred me to your site, FYI.

We love you work, it has brought back some spice back into our very hectic lives… so thank you very much for reshaping, or reinventing classy erotic cinema!
One last thought. I’m sure you get this quite often… Thank you, for providing a very small, but very integral piece of a complex puzzle. It might sound corny, but this has helped my wife re-discover and reconnect with her sexuality. It’s great to have that part of her awaken again and out sex life is almost what is was years ago.

Please keep the great work you’re doing, also keep pushing the edges and redefining the boundaries of this wonderful art!

Have a wonderful day,


I joined your beautiful site ” FrolicMe “! So many adult sites for men, but most of these sites are just too heavy for me. FrolicMe is so beautiful & sophisticated even though women can enjoy seeing the male body! The Film ” Just Joel ” male masturbation is especially good! I’ve never seen such a beautiful cock shouting seen.

Than you very much you make this great adult site!



This isn’t something I usually do, or ever thought I’d write, but here goes…

Thank you for the porn you are making and placing on My wife and I enjoy erotica but have moved away from porn as the internet made it cheap. The vast majority of it is either poorly made, geared toward pushing limits and often more gynaecological than erotic.

A friend mentioned your site and we gave it a shot.  It has been only a few days, but… Wow!  Just Wow!  You have found the sweet spot for couples who enjoy porn.  Classy, edgy, and real.  Your actors are enjoying sex and each other, not playing to the camera. So far, Titillation has been our favourite, but there is still more to see. We will have to pace ourselves, make it last, and resist the urge to push on to the end.

Thank you.



Just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation for your work with frolicme. In a world of distasteful and uncomfortably sexist porn, my boyfriend and I were very discouraged, but coming across your site was truly magical. The world needs more porn like this!

The thing that immediately made us go for a 1 year subscription was “Hard Memories”. NOBODY ELSE has production-value solo guy films on their sites… I think there are a lot of people like us that would pay a lot of money to see a good balance of tastefully filmed solo guys.. there truly is nothing else like it out there and you have the models to do it. Would love to see more of these (and I’m sure so many others would too). But regardless, everything you’ve put up is wonderful in itself.

Keep up the great work!

M & J


All working fine now – and thanks for sorting that out.

I have just a quick look and have to say these films look absolutely fantastic! Models, both male and female very sexy, great outfits and really like your approach to storylines and settings. I sometimes likes wife likes to watch some adult material with me and alone, but complains they are to male orientated. I am looking forward to showing her your films.. as well as watching them myself!

Well done!


Dear Anna,

I love your site! Yours is the first porn site I have ever joined and pretty much the first porn I have ever watched. I love all the details you put into your films – the beautiful grooming of the actors, their makeup, hairstyles, beautiful cocks and pussies, which are also beautifully groomed, the lush, relaxing settings, the gorgeous lingerie the actresses wear, the sexy suits the men wear, etc. It all enhances the experience of watching and makes me feel even sexier if I wear something similar.

I am writing because I miss the film where the actress wears a bag over her head and gets some delicious finger fucking (as well as some other action). Her moans of pleasure enhance the experience even more,  and I love the low lighting, which leaves a lot to the imagination. Please post it again. I haven’t figured out how to download the films I like the best. I guess I need to do that, so I don’t lose any more favourites!

FYI: My favourite film by far is “eat me” with Katie and Mr. Delancy. It is delicious in every way but especially the prolonged cunnilingus!!

If I have any criticisms of your films, it is that the cunnilingus parts are just too short! I would also like to see lube used in some of the scenes. Betty Dodson says that lube is the most important sex toy, and it would be great to see that on film – especially in the solo play films.

Thanks for a great porn site that is respectful of women!

Your fan, Margaret

Dear Anna,

My girlfriend and I are recent subscribers of your website and are thrilled with the content.  We were searching for erotica from the handling of a female director and frame of mind.  The filming and the models are simply splendid and highly erotic in their sensuality.  Each one is truly remarkable.

That said, can you tell me if you plan on filming and posting erotica covering BDSM content, anal sex, more hard-core subjects for sure, but at the same time each given the style and class of FROLICME ?  We both have always enjoyed the many aspects of human sexuality and each other.  It’s easy to find porn, but it is not easy to find quality erotica covering the more traditional graphic and sexually charged acts that many couples engage in privately between the sheets.

Best regards,


Thank you Anna …I have really enjoyed my first year and looking forward to continuing in the same vein this next one too. Keep up the lovely films …very sexy.



Thank you for all the good work you’ve been doing. By way of some feedback, can I add that the return of image of the day is to be applauded. In addition, I bought the annual subscription as a way of helping my partner watch and enjoy stimulating erotica – she loves it and struggles to get through a film without becoming ‘distracted’….! I think the kissing always makes for good erotica rather that pornography. I also quite like the films too! They’re very well done.

Keep it going and many thanks


Hi Anna

Your website is beautiful.  I think it might change my life!

I was wondering if you could tell me what music is being played on the film ‘Sir’ – I notice some other films advise of this at the end but not ‘Sir’. Just hoping to recreate the scenes with my partner and I think the music will help to give me the confidence to do so.

Thank you



First off let me say you’re absolutely beautiful in viewing your photo on Huffington. I became intrigue by the article and proceeded to your website.

I was instantly aroused and I have a taste for sexy beautiful women in exude sophistication class and beauty. I enjoy porn only if done in a beautiful way. Let me say you’re website and films are definitely a cut above the rest as you produce quality and capture beauty in every way.

I’m a professional and a gentlemen who turns 55 this weekend and I’m very physically great shape who has had this longing desire to be a writer among other things. I am currently working on two books both love stories.

Yes laughter out loud, I’m quite a gentleman who Fancy’s beauty and loves women. A favorite of mine is the young sexy Stella Cox and Bianka Brill and Lara Latex. Of course any and every man’s fantasy to know these sexy beautiful women.

I wanted to write you to say what a thrill to see your work as it is outstanding. I felt compelled to write you.

I just love your work.
Once again outstanding”

Regards, JS