Let’s start with some important and juicy background information to make this confession clearer. It’s been roughly two years since I’ve opened up to my wife by sharing my fantasies about secret bi-curiosity feelings I have.

My wife is 35, short and surely the one choice I will never regret. We have been married now for roughly 12 years and been together for 17 years. What we had before me opening up was good—what we have after coming out is bloody amazing! We are closer now and have a connection most couples only dream of.

That’s why I would advise any man to open up and truly be honest about their bisexual fantasies instead of doing things behind her back. Don’t get me wrong, going to a strip club is awesome but what is even more fantastic is having that lap dance with your wife!

Anyway, as I mentioned, one fantasy was exploring my bi-sexual side. Now, this took guts, society has a huge acceptance for two women going down on each other but when men want to try, they get crucified by the very same people sharing blowjobs at the gym, parks or the nearest Gloryhole. I have never seen myself as gay and love pussy in every form, so when I first shared these bisexual fantasies with my wife, it is understandable she had questions. Just imagine, here I am standing in front of the one I love and have been faithful to for 17 years, crazy scared that she might walk out.

I just told her straight out:

“I want us to explore the swingers’ lifestyle, have sexual relationships with others, watch each other be pleasured just for fun. I want to know what it feels like to give head and if I could make a guy orgasm with my mouth.”

Scared and uncertain of what to make with the things I just told her, she looked at me and with tears in her eyes she asked, “Are you gay?”
Before I could even answer she made the following statements very clear:

“I don’t want you to become too feminine and I just cannot see you all feminine wearing panties and thongs or worse dressed up as a woman.”

At that stage, I gave her certainty because, in my whole life, I have never once wanted to dress in women’s clothing.

I can’t even express my shock and confusion the day I tried on stockings with a garter belt trying to be funny and suddenly enjoyed it so much that 9 months later I have more thongs than my wife. Topping that, I love sucking cock and the sensations from experimenting with dildos in my ass and suddenly I’m keen to allow a guy to fuck me…

I was SHOCKED AS HELL and surprised that something I once believed as wrong, is so enjoyable! What left me amazed was seeing the same scared wife I adore so much, getting turned on the first time I was dressed in her panties and stockings, and enjoying it so much that we now buy lingerie for each other.

But wait there’s more… while giving my first blowjob, I was so focused on what I was doing that nothing could disturb me, except for one tiny thing… someone was making loud intense noises behind me and I wondered who it could be. I turned to look, only to discover my wife was so turned on that she had started enthusiastically masturbating. While on the opposite side, the wife of the guy whose dick was in my mouth was rubbing her clit and focussing intently on the action in front of her.

Then I realized something, I am the reason for these women masturbating and moaning uncontrollably… I cannot begin to explain what a motivation and self-esteem boost experiencing this was. Thanks to porn, sexual blogs and that late-night fantasy talk with my wife, was I starting to accept the reality that I love experiencing something different.

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  1. I came right out and admitted to my wife Theresa one night during sex. That I wanted to try and find out what it would feel like to suck another guys dick. Theresa asked me how long have I been thinking about sucking other guys dicks. I told her ever scents she has been telling me how much she liked getting fucked by strange men. And how much she loved the feeling of all there different shape,s and size,s. Theresa asked me if I wanted to try sucking a black guys really big dick. I told her that when I m jerking off thinking about having some strange guys dick in my mouth. That I,m always imagining that it’s a really big long rock hard black dick that’s actually fucking my mouth like it was her pussy. Theresa asked me if she would set it up with one of the black guys that she,s been fucking would I give him head while she is watching me. I told her fuck yeah that would be hot. So the next week end she had him come over our house. Theresa said Billy I already told him that I wanted to watch him fucking your throat with his 13″ big black dick. Theresa told me that she wants me to sallow his cum. Theresa said Billy you all ready have any way.

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