Anna Richards . . .

My journey to this point started quite by accident a few years ago when I began to write a blog, it really was as simple as that. It was a blog  in which I enjoyed spilling out my naughty little fantasies and cheeky moments, things that were fuelling my mind and offering me a new found excitement late in my life.

However in order to help bring my blog pieces to life I enjoyed enriching them with beautiful imagery, something that I felt helped grow the fantasy and offer a more enjoyable read. My passion for such imagery grew to the extent that I questioned why there wasn’t more beautiful erotica on film, along the lines of the images I was posting. Why aren’t there films which play on erotic passion and desire, a good dose of temptation and hot bedded longing and yes ….with lots of gorgeous kissing.

So you could say that I stumbled into this purely from a personal journey and passion for visualising delicious sexy fantasies. I can honestly say that I never thought in a million years that I would actually find myself here, in this situation, but I think when you reach your forties you realize that there is so much more to life and so much you can do if you really want to.

So here I am, a married mother enjoying the opportunity that has presented itself. Yes it has been tremendous hard work pulling it all together and reaching a point when I could present my vision of erotica to the world. I hope not to shock in a negative way, that is not my intention although I do admit to enjoying some rather more explicit imagery but only ever revealed in a beautiful feminine way. However this is a site for adult eyes only, and I am careful that nothing graphic is seen until a personal membership is entered onto the site ensuring only an adult can view anything further. I do hope the films and creative visions will bring you lots of personal pleasure, I have enjoyed so much, just in the making of them.

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Loves Anna xx

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