21 years after losing my virginity with a girl, I’m suddenly open to losing my virginity to a guy.

If you are in the lifestyle you know that ‘single’ guys are more freely available than anything else, and even though most profiles are fake or they chicken out, finding a guy easier than anything else.

Having done exactly that many times in the past, there’s no surprises if my wife informs me of someone coming over, I know anything can happen.

My wife and I have this thing where we believe it is all about the journey and not rushing to get there. So, whenever we go to swinger’s club, out meeting other couples or host, we decide what the other will wear and dress each other up. That includes deciding of what lingerie, dress, pants or whatever the other will wear. If you have not tried this with your loved one… give it a go!

Dressing your partner up, knowing that anything could happen is surreal and one of the best turn-ons for me, especially if you think you are dressing your partner for someone else to seduce… After taking a shower I walk into the room and see my outfit lying on the bed… Noticing my surprise for what was chosen, my wife looks at me and calmly say “there you go, your outfit. I have a special evening planned…”

I trust no-one, not even myself sometimes, but I do trust her more than anything, so without hesitation, I get dressed… first, the stockings, and as usual love feeling them over my shaved legs. Then it is time for the thong panties, there is always a struggle when it comes to clipping my stocking at the back. Finally, a mini skirt, something I have never worn outside of the bedroom, usually for when we take a few daring photos. I must admit, there is a weird satisfaction involved when as a man, you’re wearing women’s lingerie and feel the air from below brushing over your cock. Though maybe it is the social taboo of it playing a role… I don’t care!

Now we’re ready and I’m a bit nervous yet excited for what might happen. Any feeling of doubt is put away as I feel safe knowing my wife is there looking out for me as we do with each other. My heart skips when I hear the doorbell, this is it…

We socialise a bit and see if there is a real attraction. Thanks to our openness and understanding each of other, my wife and I look at each other and with a simple nod, it is playtime! (Something to mention… I don’t have any desire to be humiliated and my wife has no interest in playing cuckold or femdom.)

My wife gets things going by suggesting she wants to see me get my cock sucked first. Knowing that I am the lead actor in this private performance, I decided to give her a bit of a show. Feeling each other up, seducing each other, it is not long before my wife gets her wish and I suddenly feel the satisfaction of his warm lips wrapped around my already hard cock.

I look over to my wife, knowing she can see I enjoy him sucking my cock and that turns her on. After an intense blowjob, just before I reach orgasm, my wife feels it is time we do the next scene.

Leading me to take my place and return the favour by sucking him. I like what I see and want to make this moment as sensual and mind-blowing as possible. Licking his shaft up and down the one side then the other, my lips taking him all the way in my mouth. I am enjoying myself and can feel I’m doing a good job by how much he enjoys this blowjob. Watching closely, my wife knows exactly when to stop the action and prevent him from blowing.

Having had this bi-curiosity fantasy for a while and discussed several times with my wife, she knows that I fear the first time being fucked. Tonight, she is using that to her advantage as she opens the door by slowly rubbing me with lube. Caressing me and as only she can do to put me at ease. I know what’s coming but have no idea what to expect because this is not a vibrator or dildo… this is real…

Finally, I know what it feels like to have another man’s flesh inside me. Not forgetting about her desire, she takes her place in front of me allowing me to enjoy her pussy while I am being fucked from behind. Pussy licking is one of a few reasons I was put on this planet.

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