Welcome to my Confession Page…

Hello and welcome to my CONFESSIONS Page… a place of liberating excitement, naughty memories and fantasy fuelled escapism!

OK girls and boys the first thing I want to stress is that is ‘totally confidential’ and that your details will never be published…never ever ever. Now that we have that out of the way… how do you get a free membership?

Well I am sure that most of you have all had some very exciting encounters over the years and this is the place you can take a trip down memory lane and share the experience in all its glorious detail! For all those submissions that we deem worthy of publishing you will receive a FREE One Year membership to FrolicMe.com as a new member or added on to your current membership.

In order to enter all I need from you is the following:

1. Write your juicy story / confession telling us all what made it so incredible…was it the person, maybe the location or was it with someone you shouldn’t have been with…tell ALL !!

Your story must be yours and yours alone it cannot be copied from elsewhere. Please can I ask you to have at least 1,000 words as a minimumn though there is NO restriction as to how long it can be…the longer the better is what I say!

2. So once you’re happy you have enjoyed reminiscing and feel your story is ready for publication, just fill in your email address below (please double check the spelling of your email address is corect before submission).  I only email you inorder to forward your free One Year membership details.

3. Then simply paste your story / confession into the box below and press submit…thats it!

Alternatively please feel free to email me directly at anna@frolicme.com

To recap your story must be original, over 1,000 words and published inorder to qualify for the free One Year membership.