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So what exacting is sexting?

Sexting is a way to indulge in some sexy time action through sending and receiving explicit messages, whether that’s sexy images, text or voice. It’s used primarily to turn both sender and recipient on sexually so the very first thing we have to talk about is…

Yes, you’ve guessed it—consent!

You can’t send anyone sexual content who hasn’t agreed to it, that is unethical at best and abuse/illegal at worst.

For the purposes of this article we are assuming that you already have a relationship with this person, whether that’s friendship or more, we are not discussing how you get your sext game on with a complete stranger on the internet.

How do I introduce the idea of sexting?

So how can you introduce the idea of sexting without actually sending the sexy text or spoiling an otherwise fabulous relationship?

Ask! It really is that simple.

Examples of how to ask if you can send a sexy text—it’s understandable that introducing anything new into a relationship can feel a bit scary, especially if you’re not used to being the one to instigate things, but you can do it in a gentle way that protects you and the other person if one of you isn’t comfortable with the idea.

“I was wondering if you’d like me to send some sexy texts…?”

Easy, to the point.

If you are already in a sexual relationship with someone it might be easier to introduce.

“I’ve just been thinking about that thing we did the other night…” that way if the reply invites a deeper response, you don’t have to think too much on what you’re going to type—you can simply recall the action, bringing it in slowly and expanding as you go, as the replies heat up.

“Yeah, the way you kissed my neck…”

By starting slowly you can build together, and remember always respect the other person’s boundaries.

If they have said they don’t want to send you a nude, do not press them, and only send a nude of your own if they’ve expressly agreed to receive one and you feel 100% comfortable doing so. If you feel in any way pressured or uncomfortable, just don’t do it. There’s plenty of consensual nude images on the internet that you can view if a bit of flesh is what your craving. For example, our erotic sex galleries are a wealth of sexual imagery that can be used to arouse, titillate and offer examples of positions and sexy activities.

People are a lot less shy of sending suggestive messages now so the lines might have become a little blurred on when you can send. We would always recommend erring on the cautious side.

So when sexting, think trust!

Another key element is being as sure as you can be that you trust this person. Sending sex words or images can make you feel quite vulnerable so trust is something that is really fundamental to your sexting dalliances.

OK, we’ve established our boundaries, had the consent chat, now we’re revved up and horny and ready to sext!

So what should I say when sexting?

Typing your first sexy sentence to send to someone can be a cringey moment indeed. That’s why we talked about the, “I like it when…” introduction. So that can either be something you’ve done together, or even something you’ve noticed about that person. “I like it when you wear that top…” or even, “I like it when we watched that hot erotic sex movie together.”

That can get a conversation going. Usually, even a fairly subtle allusion to sex will bring a positive and encouraging response.

Sexting can ramp up very quickly so start slowly and if the texts that come back are making you smile, keep going, they’ll soon be making you tingle!

“I’m looking forward to when we can see each other again…”

“Oh yeah, why…?”

If ever there’s an invitation, this is it!

With stricter regulations on our social lives coming back into play, it may be that sexting actually becomes a vital part of your sexual relationship and satisfaction as we see in our sexy female masturbation porn film of solo pleasure The Looking Glass. This could be a great way to actually find new ways to fulfil your desires by even talking about using sex toys.  Mutual masturbation from a distance.

“I bought myself a present today…”

This might be a nice way of sending an explicit image without you being in it, you could show your new vibrator or masturbator! That could invite some delicious texts on how you’re going to use it, how it makes you feel, how you think of them while you’re using it…

“Oh, this dildo feels just like your hard dick sliding all the way inside…”

“I’m so wet, this clit toy feels just like your tongue…”

This is a fantastic time to experiment with toys without feeling intimidated or that you’re ‘replacing’ your lover by using them. We are a huge champion of sex toy use in relationships and truly believe they enhance the experience for all involved.

Enjoy, and have fun with your lover

We are sure you’ll find sexting a wonderful way to spice up your love life and get that lustful libido into action. After all, what could be sexier than the buzz of your phone vibrating and the name of your lover on-screen… wondering what tantalising tease is coming your way—especially if you’re out and about, perhaps in a long queue two meters apart at the supermarket and ping! Here it is, another super arousing message just in time to keep you topped up with sexual energy and anticipation for the day.

Whether you’re able to act out your sext sexual fantasy porn together or have that long-distance fun, sexting is a fantastic way to explore your sexual compatibility, build trust and deepen your friendship-or-more bond, and have a lot of fun together—through the gift of technology.

At the end of it all, with all this power at our fingertips, what do we really want to know?

“Hey baby, are you horny?”

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  1. Its also important to use the safe apps for sexting.
    I find Wickr , Element and Telegram of the best for sexting and naughty chats.

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