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If you’re in a long-term relationship and living together, chances are your sex life may take dips every now and then. Let’s face it, now more than ever we may be experiencing fatigue and a drop in libido.

Well, we’re here to tell you of a quick and gentle way to rekindle your sex life with some simple hacks using everyday intimacy.

Couple kissing in act of intimacyKiss good morning

It’s all too easy to get out of bed and rush on with your day and forgetting the smallest of things. A good morning kiss whether it’s passionate kissing or a gentle peck will start your day with a grounding reminder that you are here on this planet with your partner. If you live apart, a little text will let them know you’re thinking of them. Set them up in your thoughts as you get on with your morning.

Add intimacy with random touching

Take note of when you pass each other or stand close, perhaps you’re making a sandwich or cup of tea, be sure to brush a shoulder or run a finger over theirs as you pass the mug.

Hold hands add familiarity

If you’re going out on your allocated daily exercise, remember to hold hands—you probably did it when you first met, so what’s changed? Perhaps too many things to count. Perhaps you fell out of the way of it when other hands needed to be held, kids or those you care for, so bring it back now to the focus of your desire… such a small act of intimacy but such a deep connection.

Couple passionately kissing in act of sexual intimacyKeep it light

Bump hips as you pass each other, pop your head around the door to blow them a kiss or a wink. Let them know you’re feeling a little frisky. Even if you’re struggling to feel sexy, pretending you are can help trigger those horny feels.

Keep them in your thoughts

Try to consciously think about your partner in a sexual way. Try to take yourself out of the mundanity of daily life, work and chores and see them as you want them to see you. A sexual being elevated beyond the daily grind! Why not wiggle your hips as you clear up after dinner together. Or even just throw a smile alongside the drying cloth, you’ll be pleased with the reaction we’re sure.

Check them out!

Look at them with eyes anew! That three-day stubble is actually quite rugged right? Or those fluffy bedsocks are pretty darn cute! Admire them and remind them of just how hot they are. Again, send a text or ask for a saucy selfie.

Sensual intimacy with combing their hair

If there’s one thing that will really impact your intimacy it’s the act of grooming each other. Build your bond with a brush! If you enjoy the sensation, nothing is more relaxing than someone playing with your hair. Oh my, I can feel it now, the sensations cascading down my neck, awakening erogenous zones throughout my body… Remember those orgasmatrons from the 90s? A dome of wires that you use to massage your scalp? Might be worth investing in one of those for a little self-love too.

Couple getting horny and sexual in act of sensual intimacyIntimacy can be simply cosying up

Sit close, pull a blanket over you both to hide what might be going on beneath. A hand sliding up a thigh… The simple pleasure of being covered up while you watch tv or listen to music can reawaken the excitement of stolen cheeky moments and memories of that quickie where you shouldn’t have…

Rub it!

If you’ve stuck to all of these all day, chances are you’ll barely be able to keep your hands off each other! Now’s the time to get those fingers working on a lovely neck or foot massage, oh yes, now you’re talking.

Whether this leads to red hot sex or just a delicious soothing cuddle, the beauty of it is that you’ve released some love hormones, you’ve deepened your connection and that can only be a good thing, right? It’s easy to become distant even when you are with each other every day. And it can happen so quickly too. The great news is, with a little bit of effort, intimacy and desire will soon come flooding back in.

And we think that’s something worth celebrating.

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