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You’ve been learning about morning sickness, painful breasts, Braxton Hicks, piles, labour, lactation, all the changes your body will go through, but did anyone talk about the pleasures of sex in pregnancy?

You may have been told by your Dr, midwife or health professional that it is fine to have sex during pregnancy – unless you have a medical reason to say otherwise, but have you been told just how fine that pregnancy sex can be?

Blood volume increases by 40% during pregnancy, giving you that full flushed feeling, every part of your body getting more blood flow, including, you’ve guessed it, your genitals! Hooray. With your vulva already engorged, you might find that sexual arousal comes more easily, your libido and sensitivity heightened to the point where orgasms might even feel more intense, more satisfying. And let’s face it, morning sickness, sore breasts and swollen ankles should really come with some rewards!

As well as your vulva getting all that extra blood glory, the same is true for all your erogenous zones. So just imagine your partner running their fingers through your scalp, gently tugging at your hair to send those delicious sexy signals straight to your clit. Your nipples will be begging for attention too so make your sexy play involve exploring and teasing all those zones you might have overlooked before. Inside of your elbow? Swoon! Just under your arm below your breast? Melt!

So much to indulge and explore together with this new body of yours. It’s only temporary so you might as well make the most of the delicious new sensations, allowing yourself to indulge in the glorious earthy feelings. Being intimate can also help you to gain a better knowledge of your own body and its responses, getting you in tune with all sorts of things and really strengthen the bond between you and your partner as you make the journey into parenthood together.

So when’s the best time for those sexy indulgencies?

First Trimester – weeks 1-12

Generally speaking, this is when most people will suffer with morning sickness and exhaustion. As your body is flooded with the hormones oestrogen and progesterone, huge changes including mood swings, alterations to smell and taste, and nausea can definitely feel like a passion killer. There’s also the fact of actually coming to terms with being pregnant and everything that entails so don’t be surprised if you’re simply not in the mood at all. A nice comforting spooning and gentle massage may be more your thing at this time.

Second Trimester – weeks 13-27

This is the time when morning sickness begins to ebb away, leaving you with more energy. You may find the flush of hormones and that ‘bloom’ that others mention could lead to a tingle and glow in more than just your cheeks! If you’ve been used to using contraception, finally having sex without worrying about getting pregnant can be a huge freedom and build passion and curiosity as you freely explore each other’s bodies. Especially this changing body with all its glorious new curves and sensitivities.

Your bump is still probably small enough so that you are still as mobile as you were pre-pregnancy and you might be basking in the glory of your larger than normal breasts. Hormones can be a good thing after all!

Oestrogen and progesterone levels continue to rise during his trimester to support your growing baby, and therefore so too do the beneficial side effects.

Increased blood flow to your vulva and clitoris will have you feeling so much more sensitive and you’ll probably notice an increase in your vaginal lubrication. You’ll be feeling much juicier down there, ready for some orgasmic stimulation.

Pregnant woman enjoying pregnancy sex with her partner, kissing and enjoying oral sex

from the film JOY OF LIFE

The benefits of sex in pregnancy

Unless your Dr or Midwife has told you otherwise, sex and orgasms are safe during pregnancy. In fact, they can be beneficial to bring you much-needed relaxation, sexual contact with your partner can increase intimacy and reassurance if you are feeling insecure about your bodily changes. Some people find their sexual appetite is off the scale, leading to a desperate need for satisfaction! Can your partner keep up? Some partners might not feel on this same level for many reasons, they might not feel comfortable with sex, so try not to take it personally, just invest in your own masturbation techniques! Masturbation can be an incredible way to satisfy your urges, take things at your pace, watch an erotic sex movie, read some sexy erotica stories and let yourself fall into the gloriously deep new orgasmic sensations.

Third Trimester – weeks 28 to birth

While those good hormones may still be giving you that glorious pregnancy horn, you may feel a little more cumbersome as your bump grows. Finding comfy positions is key and perhaps revisit the good old days of mutual masturbation if it is particularly awkward.

Sex might prove a valuable asset close to the end of the third trimester when you are nearing your due date.

Synthetic prostaglandins, which are naturally present in semen, are used to medically induce labour in some pregnancies. Whilst there are studies showing that prostaglandins in semen can help to soften the cervix as it prepares for dilation, it can’t be concluded that it actually induces labour.

However, the studies do show that it certainly won’t cause harm. Another great reason for keeping up your PIV sex, see the first of our pregnancy sex erotic films with real couple Vinna and Angelo. Don’t worry, your body will not begin the process until it is good and ready so your activity will only help with what’s already been triggered naturally. You should not have penis in vagina sex if your waters have already broken. Don’t forget your other sexual activities and erogenous zones – eg nipple stimulation too can release those hormones like oxytocin, which can ease the body in labour.

We all know that orgasms are a lovely way to relax, ease pain and let your stresses drift away – the perfect state to begin the beautiful journey of welcoming your baby into the world. Always follow the individual advice your own Dr or Midwife has given you*

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