Our wedding day was coming up very soon.

Her dress bought, my tux rented, and my wedding party picked.

As the day came closer we became more sexually active. We both came from Catholic families and went to Catholic school where sex was taboo, we had to wait until we were married.

Well, the closer the day came, things got a little frisky, a feel here and a flash of tit there, she would sit, shall I say, not quite like a lady.

I am talking about the late 1960s. Dresses were worn a lot and she got great pleasure out of wearing very short dresses with panties and a girdle (she had to pass mother inspection before leaving the house). Once she got in the car the skirt would go up and the girdle came off and my hard-on grew. We would go to dinner and somehow she would take her panties off during the meal and hand them to me with a smile.

For dessert, we would park and make out and I’d try to feel her up. The best I ever got was skirt up and a look-no-touch, of her pussy, and look-no-touch of my dick.

Her best friend planned for a girls’ only ski trip upstate for three days. Of course, the guys would meet them up there.

Each girlfriend had their own room so everyone had privacy for the weekend. The girls arrived and a couple of hours later the guys showed up.

A little group drinking and dinner, then more of everyone drinking in one room and the fun began. Baby games like spin the bottle and a couple of more sexy games till of course one of the guys said strip poker. The guys were ok the other girls were ok but me and my future wife not so sure.

After more drinking and rules agreed to, the lights were turned down low and the game started.

The usual stuff came off—shoes, socks, pants, shirt, t-shirts and bras. Now my future wife is getting worried as she still had bra and panties on but had agreed on no backing out.

You lose, you lose something. If you’d lost all your clothes—a touch or a feel was the prize.

More drinking and everyone was nude and trying to cover up. The next hand was dealt and the rules changed a little. Whoever won could tell a couple to kiss and feel each other up. This could include finger fucking, dick-sucking, all the way to full fucking.

Also, the losing couple could be told to start from the basic feeling up or go straight to fucking.

My future wife had a few more drinks and did not complain about the rules. I asked her if she was alright and said it was ok. I found out later that at this stage the other couples would not pick on us till much later for now just kissing and feeling up.

The first couple were to kiss and feel each other up then were picked again to suck tits and a little hand job to a guy. The second couple caught up to the first now we got picked and my girlfriend was ok with touch and feel and the way she was sitting you could see her pussy was drenched.

Now my girl won and asked one of the couples to let the guy eat the girl’s pussy for 5 minutes which he gladly did. My girlfriend went over and asked if she could watch up close she had never seen it live. She watched and was breathing very hard. My girlfriend won the next hand too and told the girl to give her boyfriend a blow job and not make him cum. Now it got to be fun for me another couple won and told me to eat girlfriends pussy for 10 minutes she protested the 10 minutes but lost. She never had a mouth on her pussy let alone a tongue licking her and playing with clit and it felt like she had a small orgasm.

Everybody got their turn to suck and blow. The girl who was the winner of the last hand had a surprise for everyone she told the guys to lie on their back gave every girl a condom and told them to put it on their boyfriend or husband and lube it up. Then they were to straddle their boyfriend’s dick all at the same time. Then they were told slowly take their dick in their pussy as they lowered themselves on. When they got it all in and, they had to wait until everyone caught up.

Well, my girlfriend never had a dick in her pussy before and was not sure what to do. One girl got off her boyfriend and got behind my girlfriend and told her to relax. When she did, the girl gave her a push down gently and popped my girl’s virginity. It didn’t hurt and after about a minute she started to move up and down following the other girls. After about 10 minutes she had another orgasm and then I had a great orgasm.

The girls all got up put their panties on and dressed the guys too. Then more drinks and talk about how good the game went and the guys asked my girlfriend how her first fuck was. She said it was good and looked forward to doing it again. She asked if anybody felt bad about the group fuck and everyone was good with it.

We went to the bar and drank a few more then back to the room. I was treated to a show of her playing rubbing and fingering herself in the shower. I climbed in and she went on her knees and gave me a blow job and she let me cum in her mouth, it was wonderful.

We dried each other and went to bed. Waking up she was sleeping nude I got between her legs and started licking, sucking and fingering her as she woke up with a smile and a fuck. The whole weekend was sexual exploring for three days. Thankfully her mother never knew about that weekend but she almost spoiled the wedding day play in the bridal suite while I was under my wife’s dress with her panties off licking away and my mother-in-law walked in without knocking.

Thankfully the skirt was large enough to cover me so she never knew what I was doing. The best part of the day when my best man was removing my wife’s garter. She had put it up as far as she could and wore no panties. She was in the right position that no one could see up her dress. He could not find the garter and took a peek up her dress. She opened her legs as he touched her pussy while trying to get the garter. His look was priceless.

The fun and games lasted 35 years until she passed.

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  1. I love love LOVE this story! What a wonderful way to start your lives together, exploring and experimenting and just basically being completely and totally in love and lust with each other. I was so sad to read that final sentence, but on the other hand how many couples do NOT get to spend 35 exciting, loving years together? As I sit here with a tear in my eye at her passing I try instead to think about what a fantastic run that was. You clearly loved each other, and I’m sure not a day goes by that you don’t think about her and the wonderful relationship you shared for over 3 decades. You have both my condolences and my congratulations!

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