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Sex toys—or marital aids as they used to be called are an incredible way to enhance your sexual experience—either alone or with your lover—or lovers!
There are so many wonderful sex toys available at the moment and so many different ways to use them, we thought we’d put together a list of our favourite films, featuring the pleasure of sex toys to show you how wonderful and fulfilling they are. Everyone should have the confidence to explore their pleasure as they see fit, and choosing and trying out a new sex toy is a great way to do just that. We hope this list will inspire you to indulge yourself in some glorious new experiences.

from the film SOHO SEX

Soho Sex, a film of kinky bedroom sex

One from the archives we want to bring back into your fantasy film list. Here are two people enjoying some light bondage, a good hard fuck, and some butt plug fun.

Getting rammed hard from behind, you know our leading lady Victoria, is going to be having the most intense pleasure ever. Get that double penetration sensation and some huge mind-blowing orgasms. Butt plugs are for everyone and can really heighten the erotic experience, and a great way to start especially if you’re new to anal pleasure! For women and people with vulvas it can really give a feeling of deep fullness, the nerve endings are particularly sensitive in the anus causing a really intense sexual encounter. For those lucky things who have a prostate, well, my my! Stimulating the prostate gland during sex is a gloriously arousing thing indeed—in fact, some men and penis owners report being able to orgasm and even ejaculate from prostate stimulation alone! Well worth a bit of experimentation—and using a butt plug keeps you that little bit removed from the action if you are just beginning or are a little self-conscious when it comes to the delights of the bottom. You can also check out our sex video Plugged Pleasure for a deliciously wicked bit of solo anal sex.

from the film KINKY FUN

Kinky Fun, a hot sexy kinky film

Don’t think of bondage as a solo pursuit? Think again! You may have the desire to be blindfolded, restrained and fucked but nobody available to do it with… Tina shows us how in this very tantalising self-bondage tease film. With wrist restraints and a ball gag, she fucks herself to a glorious orgasm with her large dildo while fulfilling all her BDSM fantasies. A super arousing film that will have you reaching for some rope in no time…

The magic of wands!

If you’ve never experienced the joy of a super strength vibrating wand on your clitoris, well let us whet your appetite and panties for some big head action.

from the film ORGASM SURPRISE

Orgasm Surprise, a clitoral stimulation film

In our wonderful film Orgasm Surprise you’ll be treated just as our leading lady is to an absolute knee-trembler of an orgasm—so much so that her legs buckle and she has to just let her body go as an almighty climax takes over her being. She is so completely lost in the moment and experiences such intense stimulation that she does indeed have a surprise at the end—a glorious fountain of squirting pleasure!

For more films that include the ultimate in clitoral stimulation from a magic wand try Good Vibrations, a beautiful masturbation film with the lovely Ella teasing herself as she plugs in her sex toy… knowing exactly what heights she’ll be taken to! And Orgasm Time, a slower more sensual take on the art of sensual self-pleasure by Alyssa.

What about the guys! What about some toy fun for the penis? Well, exactly, we couldn’t agree more—we are delighted by the innovative and exciting designs coming to the market—sex toys are finally shedding their stigmas and where the only option used to be PVC blow-up sex dolls with gaping orifices, now there are many wonderful design-led state-of-the-art options to tease and please the erection in your life!

from the film I MISS YOU

I Miss You, a late-night male wank film

We encounter the gorgeous Sylvan clearly having had a wild night at a party—his bow tie is undone, his shirt dishevelled and as he takes a swig from his near-empty bottle of champagne, we know the night has been somewhat debauched and now he’s craving some sexual attention. And here’s when Sylvan brings out a Tenga Egg —a flexible sheath that encases his gloriously big hard cock to enhance his own grip while he wanks himself off to some explicit sexting. And we are absolutely here for the wave of sexual freedom that men and penis owners are riding just now—from air pulse technology to fleshlight, Tenga Egg and E-stim, it’s never been a more exciting time to be alive.

from the film INSATIABLE

Insatiable, a sex video of real sex and pleasure

The passion and chemistry are utterly undeniable in this very sexy film. Luna and Ricky are simply there to absolutely fuck each other’s brains out. It’s the sizzling on-screen connection that really lights up this sex scene.

Luna is clearly desperate to tease her lover but needs satisfaction of her own at the same time so she straddles Ricky in a 69 position to be sure of double the fun while she takes his cock in a hot blowjob. They are nuzzling into and devouring each other but it’s too intense and Luna has to switch to fucking before the oral pleasures take her too quickly over the edge. As the film progresses, Luna slips a cockring onto Ricky with a vibrating clitoral fin to ensure she gets stimulation in all the right places too as she rides her lover.

Everyone will be left breathless after this lustful encounter!

from the film GOT THE VIBE

Got The Vibe, masturbation video for women

Sex Tech Solo Fun! Sex toys really do take all forms and we love to explore the new designs on offer, using top of the range innovations to enhance our films and excite the models.

And that’s exactly what we have in the film, Got the Vibe, featuring the gorgeous Cherry who has the most wonderful time exploring her body and pleasure with her new Mystery Vibe. This is a fully articulated vibrator that can be shaped to suit any body type and has the joy of several vibrating points throughout its shaft.

For extra fun, there’s an app to add a whole new dynamic whether solo or partnered. This is a very hot film as we get to see Cherry’s genuine pleasure while experimenting with this unusual yet very satisfying sex toy…

If this list has whetted your appetite for more sex toy shenanigans, indulge yourself and explore further in our sex toys porn category.


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