My husband and I had been having a love affair with a single woman off and on for about two years. This event, which took place after we hadn’t been together for about six months as she was dating someone else.

She’d recently broken things off with him and had called to see what we were doing. We’d gone to dinner, the three of us, flirting and giddy with anticipation, knowing what was waiting for us at home.

We weren’t disappointed… The chemistry we had together was still burning strong.

It felt like we’d been in bed for hours, but it could have only been 30 minutes. Not one of us had any idea how long we’d been at it. All I did know was that I was in a state of arousal like I’d never experienced.

Even though my body was exhausted from making love, I was nowhere ready for rest.

I was on my back when Paige climbed back onto the bed. She smiled at me, her face still flushed from our last romp. After a few moments of chatting, she quieted, moved toward me and began her climb up my body. She stopped to draw each of my nipples into her mouth, causing me to gasp.

My hand reached for her and twisted into her hair, encouraging her to move up my body. I wanted to taste her lips.

She settled on top of me and our legs intermingled. My thigh pressed between her legs, her thigh pressed between mine.

As our lips met, my fingers roamed her skin. Down her neck. Around her ribs. Slowly making their way to her ass, where one hand gripped her soft flesh and the other laid down a smack.

She cooed against my lips, encouraging me to do it again. I, of course, obliged, bringing my hand down one more time, the sound lost to us as her teeth nipped at my lips. Another smack, this one making her back arch, and she pumped her pussy against my thigh, covering me in her scent.

We were lost in the moment, aware of only each other. Then the bed shifted as my husband climbed toward us, tired of watching. He knelt between Paige’s knees and gripped her hips, pulling her onto all fours.

With her luscious ass there in front of him, he couldn’t resist. His hand came down in quick succession on her already pink cheeks. Once. Twice. Three times.
And I watched as she arched, her ass reaching toward him for more.

He growled in response.

Using his own knee, he pushed hers further apart. Her body nudged forward, and her thigh pressed even tighter against my pussy.

I watched my husband look down at her wet slit, admiring the beauty of her pussy as he stroked his hard cock. His other hand came down one more time before his fingers wrapped around her hip. His eyes closed in ecstasy as he guided his cock into her wetness.

He pushed. Then pulled back. Pushed again. Then back. Her breath increased, and I reached up to tug her nipples as he continued his slow assault on her pussy.

Beneath them both, I felt his thrusts almost as much as she did. A low moan escaped her lips, causing his pace to increase, and I fisted my hand in her hair. I twisted her head back and to the side, letting me see her face as my husband fucked her pussy. It was like a hot couples sex video.

“Moll,” my name slipped from her lips as I lowered my mouth to nip at her neck.

Unable to stay still any longer, I started moving against her, sliding up and down her thigh. Sandwiched between us, it was like Paige was getting fucked by us both.

Using the hand still twisted in her hair, I pulled her down to me, our teeth clashing with every thrust.

“Moll,” she whispered again, “It feels so fucking good.”

I nipped at her lower lip. “Do you like it when he fucks you?” I asked, this time sucking her lip into my mouth.

“Uh-huh,” Paige gasped. As my husband’s pace increased, he dug his fingers into the tender skin of her hips, and she dropped her upper body fully against mine. I snuck my hand between our bodies, reaching for her pussy, stretched wide around his cock.

“Does his cock feel good?” My fingers pulled at her tight lips, stretching them even more. Still thrusting against her thigh, I pushed one finger inside her, squeezed between her pussy and his cock.

She was bucking, her body thrusting against us both, “Mmm-huh.” Her thigh was soaked with my juices, my cunt grinding up and down as he rode her from behind.

Withdrawing from her pussy, my fingers moved to her clit, puffy and swollen. I circled it just a moment before rolling it between my thumb and finger, stroking its length. My teeth found her ear and pulled it in my mouth.

My husband’s hand fell between her shoulders, pressing her down, pinning her on top of me.

My lips on her ear, I told her, “I love watching him fuck your tight little pussy.”

“Fuck, Moll,” her lips met mine. He continued to fuck her as I worked her clit. And with each of his thrusts, she pushed against my dripping pussy.

His pace increased, and her head fell beside me. My hand reached to where they were joined. And between the feel of his cock in her cunt, her moans in my ear, and the thrusts of their bodies against mine, I lost it.

My orgasm crashed over me, and fluids splashed all over both of them and the bed. This set my husband off, and he started fucking her even harder, which spurred Paige’s orgasm. And when her pussy clamped around him, it was too much.

“I’m going to cum,” he grunted through clenched teeth, his thrusts still coming deep and fast. But before he could pull out, Paige gasped, “Don’t go! I want you to cum inside me!”

He groaned, and I knew he was there. They both rode out their orgasms, and more fluid dripped onto the bed. We all slowed, and first Paige, then my hubby, relaxed into a heap on top of me.

A moment later, they both rolled onto their backs, one of each to the side of me, collapsing onto the bed. All three of us covered in sweat and cum.

“Wow,” I mumbled, giving my head a shake. “That was intense.” Which caused some giggles and laughter and a few goodnight kisses before we curled around one another and settled into sleep, satisfied and exhausted.

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  1. Great play by play!
    It was almost like we were involved. More like this and we would definitely read it.

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