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Just what is it about witnessing the passion between two (or more!) women that drives us wild?

Watching the beautiful curves move and writhe in delicious symmetry, long slim fingers sliding into juicy wet pussies, can be a huge turn-on for anybody and we invite you to indulge your lady lust fantasy with this roundup of our favourite lesbian sex movies and fantasies.

Girls playing in the bath sexually pleasuring each other

from the film HOT AND WET

Hot and Wet

Oh, that moment when you spot your lover languishing in a lovely bubble bath, and you simply can’t resist joining them, not even bothering to remove your blouse as you step in, only one thing on your mind… This erotic film is a gorgeous scene of two sensual blondes fulfilling their foamy fantasies together in the tub. One thing leads to another and it’s not long before the passion mounts and fondling and finger fucking begins. The girls are fully prepared and when one of them reaches for a huge pink dildo we know we are in for a treat. Perched on the side of the bath with thighs spread wide, Lena is pleasured and penetrated by her lover Vinna, an expert in fucking her beautiful girlfriend. We think you’ll add this film to your favourite lesbian sex movies in no time and come back to it again and again. There’s something so sexy about wet fabric clinging to breasts, and we could just sink into this bath too…

Online natural girl on girl film featuring sexy girls using a toy.

from the film DOUBLE ENDED

Double Ended

Following on with the sex toy theme, here is Luna and Zazie enjoying a rich sexual moment together in this hot lingerie porn video, romping and adoring each other with joyful abandon. They begin by exploring each other’s bodies, seeing what they find beneath delectable sexy lace.

What a delight to see some mutual masturbation as they both reach simultaneously into the other’s panties, arousing and preparing each other for what’s to come. And there’s plenty! So many ways to tease and thrill each other—mouths on hot wet cunts, fingers thrumming swollen clits. It’s almost too much to bear—just when you think the pleasure must have reached its peak, the girls bring out a large double dildo and begin fucking it together. This lesbian porn will leave you breathless and ready for some lesbian play.

Girl naked by a campfire from a roundup of lesbian sex movies

from the film CAMPFIRE


One of our more recent erotic films, where we take in the delights of the great outdoors while two forest nymphs frolic around the campfire. This is just a joyful celebration of outdoor sex and saucy fun between two campers. Katy and Lovita are so charming in their camping gear, complete with wellies and long socks you’ll love watching the fireside romance unfold. And when it does, you’ll be even more entranced with the firelight casting a delicious sensual glow over their naked bodies. Such a light-hearted film capturing that earthy simplicity when it comes to when and where you can have sex with your lover. Forget luxury and fine linens, we’re here for the dewy grass in our knickers and twigs in our hair.

Girl on girl naked enjoying sensual sex together

from the film FOCUSSED


This film of girl-on-girl pleasure takes the pace slow. Long languorous sex between lovers who know each other so intimately and beautifully that they can take their time, luxuriate in each other fully knowing exactly when and how to ramp up the action and bring each other to an explosive climax. There’s something at once raunchy and gentle in this deliciously lesbian porn, brimming with hot female sensuality and featuring two women who share deep chemistry. One of our lesbian sex movies to watch again and again. Just as the name suggests, while the girls are focused on each other, we are well and truly focused on the action between them.

Leather hardness girl fingered by another girl in steamy bondage fun

from the film KINKY GIRLS

Kinky Girls

How about teasing your lover in some wrist restraints, dominating her mercilessly while she writhes in pleasure beneath you. This is a delicious kinky sex video with a power-play between two gorgeous women unafraid to explore their darker side. The stuff of fantasies, they play out their roles to perfection, dominant and submissive, each giving and receiving what they need, while we get to watch. We, the voyeurs, surely add to the sizzling atmosphere as we witness these two delve deeper into their eroticism, putting on a show for each other as well as us. We can practically feel the sting of the paddle and restriction of the cuffs and we lie as we immerse ourselves in this glorious kinky fuck.

If this has whet your appetite (and panties) for more lesbian sex videos, be sure to make your way through our Lesbian Porn movies to get your fill of feminine flirtations!

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