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To celebrate inspirational women this International Women’s Day or #IWD2021 we thought this year we’d share some of the wonderful women we’ve worked with this year in the magazine and how they inspire us!

We’ve limited this to five but honestly, ALL the women we work with are our heroes.

Sherryl Blu

Sherryl is one of the most inspirational people we’ve had the pleasure to work with this year. Her energy for sex education and learning is phenomenal. She hosted a Sex Symposium during lockdown which brought together sex experts from around the globe to discuss sex and all the joys, sorrows and everything in between. A real talent to look out for. We adore her. From weekly podcasts, erotic writing, sex education shorts on Instagram, she really does it all!

Sherryl is a London based content creator currently studying for a degree in Psychology. Sherryl loves words and the power they possess, the ability they have to conjure up every kind of situation and the amazing way they can make you feel.

Kate Lister

Kate is a sex historian and sex workers’ rights activist. Her book, The Curious History of Sex was launched during lockdown to huge acclaim and fantastic reviews. She is a lecturer at Leeds University and we’d sign up for her classes any day. She brings an exuberance and humour to her work which is infectious and truly educational. She founded the brilliant Whores of Yore on Twitter which is now a website if you’d like some insight into sexual politics, sex workers’ rights and the history of the deed, you are in for a treat. A real champion of change, and decriminalisation of sex work.

In 2017, Kate won the Sexual Freedom Award, Publicist of the Year. She is the curator of the online research project, Whores of Yore.

Lola Jean

Breaking all sorts of sexual taboos, Lola Jean is a sexual educator, a pro Domme, professional wrestler and writer. She is here to help you take charge of your sex life and get what you want from your body and the amazing things it can do. She co-hosts a podcast called Is Our Love? With Steve Penta where they talk to guests about taboos, sex and sexuality. We absolutely love Lola’s passion and verve, she makes you want to try new things! A fantastic ambassador for finding your own kinks and passion.

Through both personal and professional experience, Lola Jean brings a refreshing understanding to sex, sexuality and kink to push individuals past what they think they are capable of.

Tatyannah King

Tatyannah is another sex educator to look out for! Refreshing and exciting she is everywhere right now. You can’t click on an online sex article without reading some words from Tatyannah. Vibrant, educational articles in her easy style mean that you’ll read about sex without realising you’ve just been educated. We are delighted to see her career go from strength to strength and can’t wait to watch her on her own sex talk show in the future.  Follow her Instagram for beautifully curated articles and links to her work.

Tatyannah writes modern and approachable guides to sexual and mental health.

Miss Gigi Engle

Feminist, sex educator, sexologist, Gigi is completely unafraid to tell it like it is. No nonsense sex talk with a focus on getting what you deserve in bed, Gigi brings us vibrant words, hot takes and a sassy attitude to match.

We love her!

Through her work, Gigi brings greater awareness to sex education, promoting female masturbation and safer sex practises.

This year has been hard for everyone but with women statistically bearing the brunt of lockdown burdens from homeschooling, housekeeping and caring roles, we celebrate their strength and stoicism while also recognising how difficult this is.

At FrolicMe we #ChooseToChallenge the taboos surrounding women’s sexuality and sensuality and want to empower all women to embrace their own pleasure in whichever way they see fit!

With sex toy sales surging during lockdown we hope this is an indication of all women taking on the idea that self-pleasure and sexual exploration is a good thing and can only enhance their relationship with their body and themselves.

Let’s reduce that orgasm and pleasure gap!

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