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Most of us thoroughly enjoy the experience of an orgasm. Besides the pleasurable feel, there are a bunch of other benefits too. A positive boost to your mood, clearer skin and even better bone health are just a few bonus extras.

Orgasms can potentially relieve pain, strengthen your pelvic floor and even increase body confidence. The paybacks are huge so being in it to win it, definitely makes sense.

Rather than suggest there are numerous types of orgasms, it would be more accurate to say there are different ways of triggering orgasms.

Stimulating various parts of the body can have wonderous results and even lead to a more exciting and fulfilling climax.

We are all unique so exploring and discovering what gets you off best, is a fun activity worth engaging in.

Here are some of the ways an orgasm can be accomplished.

Different ways to orgasm

Clitoral orgasm

Fast becoming the most talked about orgasm, more people are being turned on to the power of the clitoris.

The clit is the only organ in the human body—both male and female, that serves to do nothing more than provide pleasure. With a whopping 8 thousand nerve endings, getting to grips with the clitoris can potentially reward its owner with plenty of satisfying orgasms.

Vaginal orgasm

A vaginal orgasm could be described as any orgasm that is achieved through direct penetration of the vagina with a penis, sex toys or fingers. It’s important to note, this is the type of orgasm most vulva owners do not have…by itself!

Blended orgasms

When the clitoris is stimulated and the vagina is penetrated at the same time, one can achieve a blended orgasm. This type of orgasm is likely to be the only way most can climax whilst being penetrated too!

Urethra orgasm

The urethra is the tube which you urinate and squirt from. The hidden part of the clitoris literally surrounds the urethra which goes some way towards understanding why when stimulated, some vulva owners are able to orgasm in this manner.

Cervical orgasm

The cervix sits at the back of the vaginal canal and can prove extremely pleasurable when stimulated or pressed against, for some.
As a result of the location of the cervix, deep penetration is needed in order to achieve an orgasm.

G Spot orgasms

Despite the constant discourse around whether the existence of the G spot is real or not, many women may find they can achieve an orgasm through stimulating it, especially when a curved toy is used to masturbate. As the G spot is located approximately 2 inches inside the vagina on the front wall, being able to get the right angle, appears to be the key to success with this one.

Squirting orgasms

Squirting itself isn’t necessarily the result of an orgasm and can indeed happen with or without one. However, some women do ejaculate a specific type of fluid when they orgasm.

There is much debate about whether the fluid released, is pee. Research tells us squirt fluid comes from the Skene gland, rather than the bladder. This would suggest that it is not urine, although it may contain trace elements as it passes through the urethra when exiting the body—the same tube urine flows through.

Anal orgasms

Through stimulating the anus and the rectum, all bodies may be able to accomplish orgasm. It is also worth mentioning here; those with a penis may find the stimulation of the prostate gland, particularly satisfying. The prostate; also known as the male G spot, is usually accessed via the anus.

A-spot orgasms

The small sensitive area of tissue located just at the end of the vaginal canal between the cervix and bladder, is called the anterior fornix erogenous zone. It is a soft, spongey area that sits 2 inches or so deeper than the G spot. Stimulating this area by either stroking or using a sex toy, can result in an orgasm.

Nipple orgasm or Nipplegasm

Stimulation of the nipples or nipplegasm  can yield physiological effects as if stimulation of the genitalia was occurring. Because nipple play can trigger the same nerve pathways, for some, there is huge potential to orgasm through nipple stimulation alone.

Sleep orgasm

Despite the undeniable physical effects, an orgasm is actually a process that begins in the brain.

Some people may experience an orgasm during sleep. Whilst evidence of such usually presents itself as a wet dream for penis owners, for those with a vulva there may be no visible evidence.

More research is needed in order to explain the science behind non waking orgasms. However, it is thought the extra blood that flows to the erectile tissue in all bodies during the REM stages of sleep, together with sexy subconscious thoughts, can be the trigger.

Breath orgasm

Achieving an orgasm this way can be achieved through tantric sex. Tantric sex is the practice of connecting sexually on a deeper level. Breath orgasms do not require any touch. The process involves an individual tapping into their breathing to encourage orgasmic waves to engulf them

Kissing orgasm

Most people accept kissing can be extremely erotic especially when its passionate and lengthy. With your lips being up to 100 times more sensitive than your fingertips, it’s easy to understand why they are a super responsive, erogenous zone. As a result of all the intense feelings, some people (women especially), are able to orgasm as a result.


Whilst a coregasm is available to men and women, mostly women have noted their involuntary ability to orgasm when they are working out. The pleasure release is commonly triggered during ab exercises or weight lifting hence the term coregasms.

This type of orgasm has everything to do with the contractions that occur in the cervical region during the activity.

Fantasy/Mental orgasms

We know that orgasms have a lot to do with what happens in the brain. The mind is so powerful, the ability to orgasm through thought alone is real.
Whilst this type of orgasm is a little less common than some of the others, fantasising deeply and perhaps incorporating some breath work as you do so, could be a great way of exploring this type of orgasm.

Multiple orgasms

One of the bonuses of having a vulva is the potential to have multiple orgasms.

By definition, a multiple orgasm is when an individual experiences one orgasm, followed by a break, then as a result of continued or even renewed stimulation, another orgasm follows shortly afterwards.

Mixing up the different ways of achieving an orgasm would be a great way to explore and learn how to maximise on your orgasm count. By contrast, those with a penis generally have to wait for the body to cool down before attempting to orgasm again.

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  1. My wife/lover/partner has experienced many of the types of orgasms you have described. I enjoyed being there to assist and participate. One other type she has experienced has been while giving me fellatio and again while using a dildo in her mouth. Very enjoyable to both her and myself.

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