Erotic Audio Stories

Awaken your senses with my erotic audio collection, a spoken-word selection of erotic short stories for you to enjoy at your convenience. Both male and female voices bring each story to life, creating a sensory journey that usually lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. Slide on your favourite headphones for an even more intimate experience. Each audio sex story is available as a high-quality MP3 for crystal clarity, so there is nothing to distract you from your fantasy.

Sink into a sex audio story

Find your perfect fantasy in my erotic audio library. Choose from a male voice, female voice or both, depending on your mood. Our categories include romantic sex, voyeurism, hotwife sex, BDSM and more. Whatever you want to experience, you will find an audio sex story for you, with instant online streaming. Hearing each story spoken aloud is a deeply sensual sensory stimulation. Erotic, discreet, and available on-demand whenever you need it.

How often are new erotic audio clips added?

I add new updates each week across the site, including new erotic stories, films, audio sex stories and photographic galleries. New erotic audio sex stories are added on a regular basis as part of these ongoing updates, to bring you the best new erotic content throughout your membership.

Are there any free erotic audio stories for me to try?

Yes. Find full-length free erotic audio stories here. I make a selection of my erotic audio available for full preview, to help you decide to start a membership. Members have access to a much larger library of spoken-word erotica, which is updated regularly.

Can I download the erotic audio?

You can save my erotic MP3s to listen at your convenience on your mobile device or MP3 player. Just log into your member account and look for the pink cloud button to save a copy of the audio to your device.

Each erotic short story is a sensual spoken-word performance by a male or female voice artist, or both. Listen on headphones for even more discretion and an even more intimate sensory journey.

Most devices can play MP3 audio without needing any special software. Whether you prefer to listen on your computer, tablet or mobile device, just press the play button on any of my erotic sex stories and it should stream immediately.

Can I listen to erotic audio on mobile devices?

Yes. My erotic audio stories are in MP3 format, which is widely supported across all kinds of electronic devices. Because MP3 files are quite small, you should also have no problem streaming my erotic audio over a slower internet connection or using your device’s own mobile data connection.

My audio sex stories are provided as high-quality MP3 audio files. This gives crystal clear sound, but also saves on data. Streaming a story takes less than 1MB of data per minute of audio. If you are listening on a mobile device, you can connect via a Wi-Fi connection, which usually means any downloads will not count towards your mobile data usage.