A naughty self tape sex story

He was a man of his word, and she loved a little fun. A whole summer month at his villa in Greece, for just one simple request. A nude video of her around his pool and private beach. A self tape sex story videoed for her kind gentleman friend.

He sent the letter, images of her tanned body resurfacing in his mind. And waited.

Her response arrived a few days later. To his delight he received a great big glorious yes.

Relieved and excited, he only had one thing to warn her about, his neighbour. Ignore him he advised. He wrote he’s ill-tempered and bad-mannered. Other than that, enjoy the villa!

Only she soon realised the neighbour wasnt as described, and a summer of fun with her friends was about to turn into something far more passionate and intoxicating.

Enjoy; she certainly would. A naughty self tape sex story for her friend would never feel so good.

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