HARD & FAST - Audio
HARD & FAST - Audio
HARD & FAST - Audio
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HARD & FAST - Audio

Couple engage in each other’s desire for more assertive sex

He’s always just a tender lover, gentle in every way. He always asks so politely where I want to be touched, but it’s not exactly hot. So just once, it would be sexy for him to take the lead with some more controlling assertive sex.

Oh god, finally he has listened. He’s now he’s telling me what to bloody do, leading me to want to surrender any part of my body to him. In response I want to show him just what boundaries I want to push. Feeling so aroused, see how he looses it as I deep throat him.

Click on the link and enjoy this audio erotic sex story of lovers intimate thoughts as they ignite in each other a more dominant side. Sometimes we all need to take on a dominant roll and enjoy the pleasures of more assertive sex.

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