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Have you yearned for a real animalistic fuck, some hot intense sex where your burning need is to rip each other’s clothes off and enjoy the intense pleasure of sex in its primal form? Without realising it, this was exactly what Jenny had yearned for, but the unexpected question of when she had been well and truly fucked had caught her by surprise. But just hearing Steve raise the question sent an instant reaction straight between her thighs, and she didn’t hesitate when he spontaneously suggested they go back to his place. Hardly inside the lift and she was whimpering at his moves. She so needed to be manhandled, taken, used, and made to moan.

Enjoy listening to the all-consuming passion of 2 lovers in this erotic audio story of hot intense sex, the sort you may not realise you lusted after all along. Our audio erotic stories offer intimate listening to a world of erotic pleasure, it fulfills our need for “on the go” sexual stimulus as it offers the most discreet means of tapping into some very steamy sex.

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