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The thrill of pleasuring her body while being watched.

She pushed out her hips, exposing her perk round bottom further, and smiled. It was what they wanted, to watch her orgasm and pleasure herself. It is what they’d paid for.

With each slow twist of her waist, a beat grew within her. A heavy deep thrum filling every inch of her body. She moved to its rhythm, dancing before her audience.

Her hips swayed, and her painted nails trailed over her delicate French lace panties. She dipped lower, skimming the tops of her garter belt, fingering the soft silk stockings.

Her body hummed its own tune.

She pressed her legs together, walking towards her audience, her legs long and defined, moving to her inner beat.

She turned with one fluid, elegant movement, showcasing her heart-shaped derriere to its silent audience and smiling. The camera light winking with each move.

This was her show, and she played it like no other. She wanted to seduce herself and have strangers watch her orgasm.

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3 thoughts on “The thrill of pleasuring her body while being watched.

  1. I love this story- for me it’s made even better by the voice…so gorgeously posh and yet so filthy. My cock is solid, veins bulging as I imagine you teasing me. My orgasm will be fucking amazing!

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