Fantasy woman triggers an imaginary erotic fuck in a car

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What lingers through your mind when you drive late at night? Do you have erotic fantasies of an unknown fantasy woman. I admit my mind has often wandered in the dark stillness of a long drive, more often thoughts of a perfect female stranger fill my vision, a fantasy woman immortalised in my beaming headlights. Standing before me an image of my mind but a glorious one at that, dressed of course in a fashion to turn any man’s head in figure hugging lingerie, sculpting every curve of her body subtly hidden from view by her coat. Her reason for being there is never understood, nor does it matter. Just her vision oozes a sexual desire in me I can only succumb to. I need to devour her, as she teases her body before more, flashing just enough from under her coat to confirm my wanting. Surely this must be every driver’s fantasy.

An erotic sex story presented in audio erotic format you can listen to discreetly, maybe while on a late night lonely drive too, it will certainly get your mind racing.

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