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As the year comes to an end and a new one begins FrolicMe’s lead writer, PJA Woode relives a few of his favourite Frolics and comes up with his top twelve stories, articles and films from across the FrolicMe website.

Weekends are always exciting.  First, there’s the glorious lack of an alarm bell.  Then there’s tea in bed.  Probably two cuppas because there’s time – after all, it’s the weekend!  There is a leisurely glide through the paper’s magazine sections.  It’s all just great.

But, for me, the most wonderful thing about weekends this last year is logging on to FrolicMe and seeing what film Anna is going to treat us to.

The temptation is to flick through it quickly and sample the different positions, moves and orgasms.  But, like good wine, viewing should not be hurried.  Anna’s erotic movies are all beautifully crafted and every aspect has been carefully planned and choreographed.   FrolicMe films need to be imbibed slowly.  Every detail needs to be savoured.  And, of course, it is often not until several viewings later that you spot some of the tiny things that make the film so special.  It’s also rather like listening to a track or a song which, initially, you like, but on repeated listenings, you spot more and more in it, and so you start to love it.  And then you start to listen – or in this case, watch – it again and again.

For me it is usually a look in the eye, a shared mischievous smile, a laugh or a gentle touch that make FrolicMe erotic sex movies stand out.  It is the technical side too – the makeup, clothing, staging, lighting are all spot on.  And so is the storytelling, making the characters believable and real (and usually without any dialogue too – that’s some achievement).

But, let’s be honest, it can also be a stunningly beautiful model taking a large tool deep into her mouth, or a glisten of cum on a woman’s lips which hadn’t been apparent the first time around. Above all, it is the connection and the dynamics between the participants that make the films such a delicious treat.

From the moment I first found FrolicMe I realised that I had stumbled across an erotic treasure.  And I have delighted in it ever since and it has been a great honour, and equally, great pleasure, to have contributed to it. So, to celebrate this haven of all that is best in erotica, I have put together my top twelve Frolics (it was going to be ten, but I just couldn’t cut any of these gems out!)


I am starting with the Magazine section of FrolicMe, as this is where some little gems can be found.  First up is Elsa Vingtseven’s interview with Stoya in October 2016.  This combines the description of a sneaky sex session with her partner as she awaits an interview with this leading light in ethical porn.  Elsa’s delight seeps through her prose.  This is a joyously naughty little read.

No. 2 Magazine – THE EROTIC WAY 2017

Erotic Way is a Tumblr site featuring a monogamous couple enjoying each other’s quite delightful bodies.  But there are rarely just two of them in the images, most show three or four people.  However– this is the clever bit – the images have been carefully put together with overlays and it is only the couple who appear in front of the camera.  So though it appears that there is often an onlooker, in reality, it is just the two of them.  All this creates some quite unbelievably sexy images.  This couple really are as hot as it can possibly get.


So now we turn to erotic writing and the stories that accompany the FrolicMe films.  First up is Double Dangerous.  This utterly sumptuous lesbian encounter by Nicci Haydon is deeply sensuous. The descriptions are vivid and handled with sensitivity; the characterisation is marvellous – especially the occasional insights we get into the lives of the individuals. Erotic reads don’t get much hotter than this tale.

No. 4 Story – FINGER FUCK

And the second story is Finger Fuck and a second piece penned by Elsa Vingtseven. This lures you in very quickly to the lustful thoughts of a woman at a sales meeting, and the way she describes Lenya’s sexual feelings for James really presses my buttons.  The story progresses to a home scene, where we encounter a third member of the household.  I don’t want to give away much more, but you probably already have an idea how the narrative develops.

No. 5  Film – SHY WANK

So now we are on to films and the creative core of FrolicMe.  And I am starting with something quite unlike any other FrolicMe films; probably unlike any other erotic film out there.  This is when the seriously talented Stella Cox sits with a rather shy guy and gives him a hand job.  There is no chemistry between them.  There is a rather mechanical dialogue about what he can do and how she will bring him to orgasm.  It is this clinical nature of the encounter that makes it work and makes it quite simply, intensely sexy.  You would only find something this original, but which works so well, on Frolic Me


This film, along with the following one, is – so I am led to believe – among Anna’s favourites.  Here the atmosphere is everything.  We only get to see what is illuminated by the flashlights. But this restricted view makes it that much more intriguing.  Sure, we see all the naughty bits (and Dennis’ naughty bit, for those interested – and here I have to include Anna – amounts to quite something), but it is what we don’t see and what we imagine that makes this film a real hit.  The climax is something amazing – to be able the ejaculate like that with no hand, mouth or other stimulation must take some doing.

No. 7 Film – ROMP

Alex and Kristof make this film fresh, exciting, and – quite simply – great fun.  They know each other and delight in each other’s bodies.  This is a true Romp which is packed full of action and energy, leaving the actors – and you – somewhat out of breath.

No. 8 Film – LOVE SLAVE

This is the second film featuring Stella Cox in the top twelve Frolics.  I guess that is no surprise.  This one is all about female pleasure.  And the anticipation of her standing against a wall, blindfolded and handcuffed, waiting for her first touch is thrilling.  The sex that follows is equally thrilling too


No list of the top films on FrolicMe would be complete without a threesome, indeed this was the first to feature on FrolicMe.  There have been numerous other threesome porn videos since and all bring a slightly different perspective to the camera.  The interplay between the three, and the sheer enjoyment of Katy Rose, sandwiched as she is in the middle, presses all my buttons

No. 10 Film – HARD AND FAST

This film is naughty.  It starts in the classic soft, romantic way that underpins all FrolicMe films, but then the pace quickens and this one really pushes the boundaries.  Both the models in Hard and Fast have bodies to die for, but it is when Lexi takes the full length of Marc Rose’s cock deep into her mouth that you realise just how sexy she really is (and you just can’t believe that she can take it all in!).  Hard and Fast was also the first film for which I wrote a story, and I guess that is why it has to be in the Top Twelve.

No. 11 Film – MEMORIES

I have saved one of the best until last.  This solo sex piece featuring the breathtakingly beautiful Carolina is just amazing.  I can’t do it justice with any write-up.  But the way she looks direct to the camera and shares her thoughts with us is simply divine.  And there is a great ending too, but I won’t spoil that.  Like Hard and Fast, it inspired a story, which I fear just can’t match its visual counterpart in terms of sheer eroticism.

No. 12 Film –  PLEASE PLEASE

And finally, though by no means least, an MFF threesome porn film that quite literally left my screen overheating and will surely be in my all-time top 12 for some time to come. Rather than illuminate any further here, it’s best to just watch. AND WATCH AND WATCH.

So, those are my top twelve Frolics. The choice is personal but does include a few of Anna’s favourites.  And I guess, in true FrolicMe fashion, it would be good to hear of your own selection and what would make your own top twelve? You can also get to view some of Anna’s free porn videos  too.

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  1. Do you think you can persuade Sabine to write another article and maybe attach a photo?

  2. I think i would have included Sabine’s tantalising erotic confession, vividly worded to make a picture

    • Yes, you are so right. Sabine’s confession is truly wonderful and really excited me. I should have included it. In my defence all I would say that I had virtually penned the piece back in August (the month before Sabine’s great confession appeared) and it was simply going to be a general Top Ten article. Indeed, the article was written as part of my contribution to the Smutathon fundraising activity. But then Anna and I decided to make it a New Year’s piece extend it to Twelve to accommodate the two amazing films – Memories and Please, Please – which appeared later in the year. I really should have turned it into the Top Thirteen. Sabine should be there.

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