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Why is an interesting question and not such a straight forward one. Are there more girls enjoying the lips of others, oh most definitely yes. I know that many girls like to play with their own gender because they feel it a turn-on, allowing them to break sexual boundaries.

However women’s views and experiences over the past 20 years have changed radically it would appear when it comes to same-sex experiences. I did not that research recently published in the Lancet magazine revealed that four times as many women now report same sex experiences with other women than compared to 20 years ago. Yet diversely, when it compares men, very little has changed over the years.

Why are we women becoming so much more open to engaging in some other female company I wonder? Certainly one of the key elements has to be our openness we often show other women who are clearly not lesbian and on this note. “Women are much more interested in exploring what feels good for them than about being defined by a label,” says Emily Scarlet Kramer, author of A Piece of Cake: Recipes for Female Sexual Pleasure.



We only need to think recent media focus on celebrities such as Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson to know that girls enjoy kissing other girls and find it perfectly acceptable to enjoy the pleasure of another girls lips. Lyrics such as Katy Perry raising the issue of girls making out together “and liking it” to know that maybe it is far more normal than we think.

We feel more able to without loosing our sexual identity. In many cases with our approaches there are no feelings attached, no desire to have sex or further the relationship, it is often a kiss for the sake of pleasure that we desire at that moment without any serious connection. Certainly kissing girls is nothing like kissing guys. Not all guys understand quite how to kiss and can be a little clumsier — more often than not they also have an ultimate goal in mind. Girls intrinsically get the intimacy of kissing: You’re doing it for the enjoyment of it, and there’s no rush to get to the next point. So kissing in and of itself becomes very arousing. That is so evident in my girl on girl film I KISSED A GIRL.

Naturally we can’t ignore the fact that men find it seriously hot too and thereby boosting and intensifying our own erotic pleasure. I myself have enjoyed a very naughty evening, which included some very aroused and erotic female kissing, admittedly in the height of an highly pleasurable evening but never would I see my husband doing the same.

Two female authors Megan Yost and Lauren McCarthy also decided to seek evidence on the reasons why heterosexual women would seek to kiss another woman, more often at a party. They found that 69% of college women have been to a party and seen 2 girls kissing or making out, and 33% of college women also reported that they had “kissed or made out with someone of the same sex at a college party.” Many girls reported that they wanted to contribute to a fun party atmosphere and enjoying hooking up with another girl for intimacy. Many other reasons were for female bonding, sexual experimentation, and indeed shock value. But the fact of the matter is we do and we can more openly seek for our own pleasure that of a female companion who knows and understands what another girl likes.




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