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It was my first time at this year’s Sexhibition – the UK’s largest sex event – and I didn’t know what to expect. My first glimpse was of stalls selling PVC gear or hand-carved wooden spankers, there were leather clad couples, a male sub being lead on a leash, mature ladies sporting only a few well-draped chains and an ‘X’ of bondage tape across their nipples… then there was me, wearing a tight silk dress, elegant heels and a trenchcoat draped effortlessly across my arm. The trenchcoat was my special nod. For I knew exactly what was to be the highlight of my day: Audience with Stoya, the American pornstar who’s out to change the industry with her ‘curated porn’ site… But even I didn’t know quite how exciting, and how private – or should I say personal – that audience would turn out to be.

As the day progressed, meandering through the stalls of sex toys and bondage benches, perusing the other couples who promenaded past us, myself and my sexy man were getting more and more in the mood for the appearance of the global porn superstar. Then to my surprise we saw her. As we heading down the industrial metal staircase of the warehouse venue, I noted the dark hair, pale skin and slender frame of a very familiar face heading towards us. It was Stoya – in black hoody and jeans, with the veiled seduction of the wispy veil of a see-through body peaking beneath. Stoya didn’t have an entourage at that point – just a bearded hipster guy beside her. Friendly looking, enough to be just any regular dude accompanying his girl for a Saturday afternoon of fun and the purchase of a new body wand. Stoya blended into the crowd happy to smile at the fans who smiled her way… Her face was pretty. Her skin like porcelain, and her lips as luscious as in any of her videos. I have to admit, I was a little smitten, and excited. So much so, that soon me and my man we were wanting some private alone…

Queuing up for Stoya, we were presented with the perfect opportunity. Well, at a sex expo, what else are hotel toilets for? With Stoya running a little late we slipped inside. The day’s passions were running high. My trenchcoat was dropped to the floor, the full length gold zip of my silk dress was unfastened, my breasts were scooped from black lace lingerie. My man hurriedly pulled my panties aside, and tottering on my heels, he found his way urgently inside me. Fast and deep, our moans cried out – our very own un-filmed porno in a hotel toilet. We emerged ten minutes later and slightly dishevelled and walked, smiling and fulfilled, into the presentation room just as Stoya took to the platform.

On stage, Stoya was almost ethereal; her breathy tone of her voice capturing the room. And it was the voice that I listened to. As Stoya answered questions about the tough job of educating porn-users about the kind of ‘ethical porn’ that she’s involved in and therefore shattering the monopoly on the industry that’s held by the big ‘tube’ sites, it was her voice that I was mesmerised by rather than her words. It’s gentle lilt yet gritty timbre as always punctuated with a little-girl feminine giggle. That’s Stoya’s strength – the clash of opposites; a female pornstar who is taking control of the industry, shaking it up and demanding fair pay to boot. She’s intelligent, she’s witty and she’s utterly disarming…

It wasn’t until we were back in the bar, the last of the audience trickling out behind us, that I reached for my phone. I searched my bag, my pockets… My man suggested maybe I’d left it back at my seat. So off I went to investigate… only to find, back in the room, Stoya was still there – surrounded this time by her ‘people’. And it was then that it happened. As I walked back in, heading to my seat, Stoya looked up. She smiled, I smiled. Maybe it was the trenchcoat gave her a clue and attracted her attention, or maybe it was just that look between two people who upon eyes meeting know there’s an instant connection. Whichever it was, I glanced about for my phone, explaining that’s why I was there to the dedicated entourage who surrounded her, only to find that my seat was clear. Another smile passed between us. Finding my phone suddenly didn’t too important any more. And that’s when I said it – can I talk to you for a moment? To the entourage’s surprise, and to mine, Stoya replied – sure.

Together we stepped aside. I introduced myself, telling Stoya of my pretty successful ‘day time’ writing job in a sector a whole world away from the erotic fiction that I also pen. We spoke about the frustration of this – how as women, it’s so difficult for all aspects of ourselves – from the career girl to the good mum to the dirty slut – to be both fully-rounded and accepted across all of our lives. We spoke about our need to express our sexuality in order to feel the female that we wanted to be – and yet, always in a hidden form or format. I told her of the wonders of FrolicMe and its female friendly porn content – the site’s films and erotic fiction. She was hooked – she loved the sound of it and was eager to check it out. Porn by women and for women is sure Stoya’s bag. Stoya was enchanting and enchanted. As my man came back into the room to tell me he’d found my phone at the bottom of my bag, the entourage looked at him and shrugged. What he saw was his girl deep in conversation with a Stoya. What I saw was me deep in conversation with a beautiful, intelligent girl, who told me her real name and asked for my email address and wanted to keep in touch. I wrote my details in the front of her new signed copy of Porn Panic and with a light kiss on the cheek and a hug, I let Stoya slip away, back to her waiting entourage.

As she headed past us out of the hotel a little later, she waved over a goodbye and her slight figure headed off into the night. I wonder if she’ll keep in touch..?


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