Whispering voice of girl in sensually erotic ASMR video

Do you find soft words intimately spoken arousing? Does it send shivers down your spine or maybe a feeling of what many of us call goosebumps? Did the intimate approach stimulate a tingling sensation that you could almost say was a form of head orgasm? Well, you are not deceived, and this gentle, sensual and beautiful erotic movie will be one you will enjoy for all those reasons.

This gentle but very arousing erotic video plays on the little-known phenomenon ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which works to trigger through various stimuli a pleasurable sensation that many find both intimate and personal. It is not always used in a sexual context, but it has been found that many find it deeply pleasurable to watch an intimate film of a beautiful girl, such as the one we have filmed here, whispering gently intimate thoughts directly to the camera.

In this case, the gorgeous Carolina creates an intimate beguiling mood. She sits quietly alone while she slowly and seductively talks softly to the camera in a way you will feel is both personal and arousing. She recalls her thoughts of her lover and her heated desire for their lovemaking. The way he caressed and touched her, the way she felt when she was with him, and the sweet intense pleasure she enjoyed, all the time finding herself becoming more and more turned on thinking of their passionate time together while finger fucking herself to climax.

Not only is the subject of this erotic film a beautiful girl getting slowly aroused with her sexual thoughts, but the personal focused attention that is given to you, the viewer, with her direct soft dialogue will trigger for many an additional sense of excitement, as you watch her pleasure herself with some female masturbation.

I hope you enjoy this rather different erotic ASMR video style of filming and do let me know by leaving your thoughts and comments below. Somehow though, I think it’s going to be a popular one.

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4 thoughts on “Whispering voice of girl in sensually erotic ASMR video

  1. Found the sound a little low but that is probably me but that aside a beautiful film. The squirt at the end was a very nice surprise

  2. Wow, so subtley powerful. Reminds me of a story somewhere in these pages where those scenes were enacted in a crowded restaurant. FMe just gets better and better. Thanks for the recommendation for this vid. Dan

  3. This was amazing experience for my wife and I. We have never watched anything like this before, and we were really turned on. I hope I don’t give anything away, but when she climaxed we were both very surprised, because my wife climaxes the same way. She, and I were both glad that this was included… thank you for that! The lighting, camera angles and the split screen heighten the experience. We both would like to see more of this type of ASMR as well as the type of climaxing in the future!
    Thanks Anna.

  4. OMG Carolina is stunningly provocative, beautiful, teasing and playful in this film. Carolina’s orgasm was simply hypnotic, between her squirting and baby pussy slaps Extremely erotic….how do we sign up for a lifetime membership ;>)
    We’ve never enjoyed such a sultry film as this one (let alone found one) and to our surprise the ASMR affect on arousal. Love FrolicMe and the content-quality of your productions(but please work in M solos again)! Cheers!

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