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Enjoying the vision of sexual imagery is certainly nothing new, we have for years enjoyed the pleasure an erotic vision offers. First through drawing and crude art, then the masters and their love of oil painting and personal portraits, through to the eventual invention of the first camera allowing for the publication and reproduction of imagery to blossom. Now with technologies at hand, the opportunity to share beautiful imagery has never been greater. For all the negative use that sadly like all aspects of life does exist, there too is the positive, consensual and highly fulfilling use that offers a wonderful erotic adventure for many.

Erotic sexual imagery of a woman bending over in stockings and suspenders

Erotic sexual imagery of a woman just in stockings and suspenders

Taking personal pictures of our partners is something many couples enjoy. However now with social media, some couples have found a new erotic outlet to share their own personal pleasure and in doing so heighten their own sexual journey. One such couple have created their own Tumblr site, The Erotic Trip in which they post very beautiful, suggestive photographic imagery of each other.

“This is us,” they mention in their bio, “scenes from our journey through life as soul mates.” The art of their erotic Tumblr is to do just that, fulfilling their own personal dreams and as they say, “making life an erotic joy ride.”

It is a pleasure that they have allowed me to share with you some of their own personal imagery they illustrate on their site. All the images of which are taken by themselves and only of each other as they clearly state. Theirs is very much a monogamous marriage, and this is just about themselves, albeit some of the imagery is cleverly depicted to imply others, they remain only to each other but thoroughly enjoy sharing their personal pleasure. It is certainly worth taking a look through their archived earlier material to see how over time their beautiful photography has developed from that of being just erotic still images to becoming gifs (moving images) and to multiple montages painting a clever perception of voyeurism and group sex yet ingeniously all are just of themselves.

“Some of the imagery is spontaneous,” they confirm on their site, “others are us playing out a fantasy, creating a compelling erotic image that tells a fantastical story.”

So don’t be afraid of grabbing your camera and having some personal fun too. Here are a few top tips that will help you on your way. Firstly, remember to place your camera on a stable surface, even better a tripod if you have one. Purchase a remote trigger button which are available for most cameras to allow you flexibility for taking photos remotely. Always and most importantly, point your subject towards natural light for the most flattering and easy light source. Then at the point of taking the photo, just stay still! Oh and do enjoy sourcing and wearing some gorgeously beautiful lingerie.

Whatever your adventure is, this couple have certainly had plenty of fun exploring and fulfilling theirs on The Erotic Trip.

Erotic sexual imagery of a woman naked giving a man a blow job

Erotic photo of a woman just in stockings and suspenders

Woman semi naked showing her pussy

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6 thoughts on “The Erotic Trip – what’s your sexual adventure?

  1. Fantastic story. The couple in Erotic Trip are fun, sensual, sexy, and have great photography. Love their imaginations, and willingness to explore. Always look forward to another image to pop up, in my Tumblr, from them.

  2. Love what you do. Wife wants similar movies with plot & dialog. Will you ever do anything like that? Do you know of any you would recommend? Everything we have found thus far is lame @ best.

  3. Anna, love the tantalising, teasing photos.
    Any news on publication of Sabine D’s confession?

  4. Wow, this is so erotic. It would be great if you could include some of these ideas in your future films. The lingerie and erotic tension would make highly watchable and arousing viewing.

  5. This is sensationally erotic. Thanks for giving us a view of these amazing and beautifully crafted images.

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