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With the cost of living soaring and monies tight, we thought we’d share with you seven sexy tips and ideas for keeping things hot and spicy on a budget at Christmas.

1—Lingerie look up.

Instead of buying new undies… why not take a good rummage in your own drawers and wardrobes? We all hoard the odd pair of sexy knickers or two—who knows; they might just have come back in fashion! For even more fun and the chance of a Christmas clear out, why not organise your partner’s underwear drawer? You could choose each other a saucy outfit to wear later… there’s bound to be something you’ve always wanted to see your lover model. And for that extra touch… wrap them up! Everybody loves a gift, especially if it is full of spicy nostalgia from a time when you have maybe worn it before on a hot adventure.

2—Light some candles for that instant decadent feeling.

Not only will that flickering sultry glow make you feel warmer, but you might also ignite a fluttering for some romance. Dinner by candlelight, even simple beans on toast, is elevated by dimming the lights and lighting that wick. When managing a sexy Christmas on a budget, scented candles can quickly change the mood too… taking your focus to love. Even a spritz of your favourite perfume near the heat will kickstart your olfactory responses.

3—Stay warm the old-fashioned way.

Snuggle up with your partner and create your own body heat. If you’re flying solo, don’t be afraid of a little self-love to keep you cosy and satisfied. We always champion the joys and benefits of masturbation and the best part is… orgasms are totally free. And they never run out! If you’re feeling very cold, think of your icy fingers as a foray into temperature play… Languish in the sensations of heating them up… And to be extra sure, keep those socks on! Not only will it heat you up more quickly, but sex in socks has also been shown to make for stronger, faster orgasms.

4—Take advantage of the free stuff, great to enjoy this Christmas on a budget.

We absolutely love bringing you the full sensual experience here at Frolicme and invite you to sign up for a free story membership to read our sexy stories by renowned erotica authors to get you in the mood for more. Take the chance to read them aloud to a partner or simply indulge in a one-handed reading experience of your own. We have so many fabulous writers to choose from. So take some time to indulge yourself. If you need a little visual stimulation to get you in the mood, we have a collection of free-to-view erotic films to whet your sexual appetite and fan that inner glow into life.

5—Check each other off with a sexy to-do list.

If you love a bit of naughty app action, why not download Superlist, a platform to share your saucy little tasks with your lover, and then have the added joy of ticking them off together! You can also read more about a range of apps designed to improve your sex life many of which are free to join.

6—Sexy vouchers… for Christmas on a budget

How about a fun adult advent where your calendar contains a token for something sexy to be redeemed that day. For example, a topless tea, a foot rub or maybe a boob flash… it doesn’t need to be a huge gesture to keep things spicy—just enough to keep your and your lover’s thoughts on the saucy side. Be sure to add a time limit so you can keep the excitement and immediacy. Tomorrow is a new day and a new token. Our favourite ideas include: a Bailey’s Blowjob! Or any other Christmassy tipple you enjoy. Switch to bubbly for a fizzy treat (there are some great deals on fizz at the moment) and experiment with liquid temperatures. Or guess the body part by taste alone. This involves lying down blindfolded while your partner introduces parts of themselves to your eager tongue… fingers, earlobes, chin… who knows what might end up in your mouth. Our favourite idea—naked cleaning. Or cooking—just be careful of that oven. And the best part? Having to heat each other up afterwards…

7—Hidden kisses

Keeping with the love note theme, why not put on your reddest lipstick and leave kisses smudged onto little Post-It notes… perhaps they form a breadcrumb trail to the ultimate Christmas prize—YOU!

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