Female enjoys intense pleasure from clitoral stimulation

So how shall I orgasm? How intense will it be? Something our gorgeous Coco de Mal thought about as she played with herself in this erotic movie. Did you realize that we girls can enjoy 4 very different types of orgasms, one being clitoral, the other vaginal, blended or multiple orgasms? You could say we girls are the lucky ones, and that is why we go seeking it so often?

Teasing our clitoris, though, with its external and highly sensitive spot, is often a sure-fire signal that we will find that moment of pleasure due to its incredible 8,000 or so nerve endings packed tightly into such a small little area. So understandably, it is definitely the place or go-to point of heavenly stimulation that helps send us girls over the edge. This sexy video is focused on the delights of female masturbation and, in particular, clitorial pleasure.

In this sexy scene with the lovely Coco, she told us how much she enjoyed playing with herself and loved to use her fingers around her labia and clitoral hood, building up the sexual stimulation before she focused more deeply on her clitoris. What she couldn’t resist was the temptation to use her vibrating wand, finding it utterly mind-blowing when positioned exactly on her sweet spot. So, needless to say, we weren’t going to stop her from enjoying a beautiful clitoral orgasm just the way she liked it. What surprised us was just how much her body responded with such intense, wet, orgasmic pleasure, stimulating sex with a vibrator. Needless to say, the rest you will discover for yourself as you watch one of our beautiful clit orgasm movies as the lovely Coco loses herself.

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4 thoughts on “Female enjoys intense pleasure from clitoral stimulation

  1. Loved the gush at the end, showed how real your films could be!
    How do we get the film full screen, rather than the band across the middle of the screen?
    Thanks, John

  2. So true of us girls, nice words Anna ;>) Thoughtful, intense, fast, wet orgasm…..very nice.

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