Real sex and pleasure as hot couple fuck on the bed

Oh, this beautiful high-quality sex video starring the gorgeous Luna and her lover Ricky is just as the name suggests, Insatiable. One of our favourite things at FrolicMe is to feature real sex and pleasure between people who share hot, passionate chemistry, and these two are definitely no exception. Witness the atmosphere sizzle between them as the lust smoulders onscreen and you can bet it is just as true onset.

It’s not just the fucking that turns us on, but those initial touches—a hand brushing a nipple beneath a robe, the flash of a tongue as a French kiss deepens, witnessing the sheen of perspiration break out over the décolleté or shoulders—all combine to bring you the heady experience of some real sex and pleasure. Made all the more tantalising as they reach into each other’s clothing, giving us only glimpses of the flesh beneath, we’re willing them to get naked and indulge in some fantastic sexual connection. You can feel the temperature rise as their tongues entwine, and they kiss and kiss, barely able to keep their eyes off each other and their hands. By the time Ricky takes Luna’s nipple into his mouth between his lips and teeth, we are almost trembling with desire already.

Throughout all of our erotic sex movies we feature a high-quality vision of what good, real sex and pleasure online should be. Films are produced ethically with a high-end production intent. We love to produce beautiful porn films to turn you on and empower you to embrace your sexual fantasies shame-free and indulgent of your own sensuality.

Watching the passion onscreen is a wonderful way to connect to your own inner fantasy world, and at FrolicMe, we make it our mission to bring you the most beautiful chemistry and sexual energy between our skilled and talented models.

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10 thoughts on “Real sex and pleasure as hot couple fuck on the bed

  1. Amazing video. The energy that the two had together was great. I love sensuality and especially when the woman is genuinely enjoying herself, rather than what is found in mainstream porn. It was a turn on to see how much both of them were into it, really sexy to see a man into pleasing a woman. Both appeared to really enjoy themselves and each other.

  2. Love that for once there is a sensual movie where there is sexy slow sex (please more!) with a good view instead of that usual hammering (cannot understand women really like that, it instantly robs me of any arousal).

  3. Great to see a cock ring in a film! And, of course, the great interaction between Ricky and Luna.

    • Thank you for your message. Tattoos are very personal to the individual and it is just one on her wrist, but the sexual energy of Luna is always fantastic and we so love working with her.

  4. Fantastic, Luna has to be one of my favourites and would very much like to be in Ricky’s place. Nice to see a beautiful girl who is not totally devoid of pubic hair, love it

  5. Finally! As a black woman, who prefers white men, this is what I have been waiting for!Luna’s dark skin next to Ricky’s is beautiful. We all want to see ourselves represented! I “favorited”this film before I watched it. I find myself watching films where the guy is close in resemblance as whomever I’m pinning for! The wetness of the blowjob is everything. I feel this could have been hotter, some films on here just secrete sex, sensuality and keep me coming back to them. I would love to see more of Luna, she is beautiful. Ricky is intense as always. He is really “there” and focused. The look in his eyes, oof. He is reay to devour his lover. Was that a cock ring!?! More Luna and Ricky!!! Not necessarily together but also not, not necessarily together!😉

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