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If you have been considering exploring the sensation and pleasure anal sex can bring, here are some wonderful top tips to put you fully in the picture to ensure your first time is a positive experience.

Hygiene preparation for pleasurable anal sex

Take time to plan your anal session – schedule it in and let the anticipation build for days in a row. Most people worry about the natural bodily functions which is only natural so you can mitigate any accidents by tending you your bottom with an anal douche or enema. Some people like to aid this by eating light meals the day before.

Make sure your behind is squeaky clean and throughout your anal mischief session never cross between vagina and anus without either a thorough clean of the penis in between or using a new condom each time. Condoms are a great way to avoid any bacterial crossover, STIs, and they also help if you’re concerned at all about poop.

So now let’s begin

Getting in the mood is a must for anal. Both participants have to be relaxed and the receiver most of all. A lovely way to loosen up physically and mentally is to take a long hot bath where you can also practice alone with fingers or perhaps a slim butt plug. Read Girl on the Net’s recent anal sex preparation ritual.

Try rimming

Rimming is the practice of licking your partner’s anus and probing your tongue into the ring of muscles there. It is hugely sensitive and very intimate, but it really helps the body get used to these new sensations.

What position is best?

Most people try anal in the doggy position with the receiver on all fours and giver kneeling behind. This is probably the easiest method to control the speed and depth of entry.

Remember to lube lube lube for pleasurable anal sex

Did we mention lube?  Some people can use butt plugs or do gentle anal fingering with saliva alone, but for the full penis-in-bottom, we recommend as much quality water-based lube as you can cope with. Anal is a completely different experience for your body which might see the act as an invasion so you have to give it as much reassurance as possible that this is pleasurable. And indeed it is. Your anus has an incredible amount of nerve endings and the act of stretching the ring of tight muscle out really engages each and every one. To the point where you might feel that the penis is absolutely enormous!

Take your time and go slow

Be sure to go as slowly as you possibly can, this means making sure you are steady, balanced and comfortable. With one hand on the receiver’s hip, the giver can guide their penis right to the dip at the anal whorl. Stay very still and let the receiver push back. They might like you to hold your penis in your fist so there’s no way it can push in deeper or more quickly than desired.

Bear down and pulse gently and slowly

Once the tip of the cockhead has opened up the passage, pause to let the receiver breathe and relax, focussing on opening up. It may feel counter-intuitive but bear down as if expelling something rather than letting it in. This will open up your bottom.

Once the thickest part of the head has breached the hole it should be a little easier to slide gently in. Take it slow and gentle, checking in with each other to make sure all is going to plan for both of you.

Hopefully, by now your body will have got used to these unusual feelings and will be interpreting them as intense deep and raw pleasure. Resist the temptation to fuck hard at this point, add more lube then build up gradually, the anus is a delicate area and can tear if proper care isn’t taken. As much as you both want it, take your time, it will be worth it.

What about those other questions?

But what if there’s poop? Listen, it is pretty much guaranteed that a little bit of poop will come out at some point, the trick is to relax and try to have a sense of humour about it, after all sex is meant to be fun, so if you are close enough to be trying anal sex in the first place, you should be able to get over some poo.

What about haemorrhoids? It is not thought that anal sex causes piles but it may irritate any that you might already have, so it’s of the utmost importance that you go very slow and carefully. We’d definitely recommend using condoms in this instance.

Listen carefully to ensure pleasurable anal sex for your partner

Our biggest sex tip of all in all our advice articles is communicate! Keep checking in with to reassure each other that you’re both having pleasurable anal sex and exciting experience.

Anal is an incredibly intimate sexual act and done well and with care it can be one of the most mind-blowing orgasmic experiences you’ll ever have – remember all those lovely nerve endings we mentioned? A supercharged climax for both of you.

Add another dynamic to heighten the full sensation why not add a dildo or vibrator into the mix for that double penetration fantasy.

At the brink of orgasm

Some people can orgasm through anal stimulation alone – especially if the receiver has a p-spot, but if you are lucky enough to have a clitoris, you’ll probably want some stimulation there to take you over the edge. Your partner can reach around or you could hold a Doxy wand to your pleasure nub. You may not quite believe what is happening to you with this combination.

Change positions

It might simply be all you can do to hang on long enough without exploding your climax all over each other, so to think about changing positions during a first time might be too much. However, anal sex can work in most any other position, including facing each other in missionary, it helps if the receiver draws their knees out and up to allow entry. Spooning is a good way to have anal, especially if you have weak wrists while on all fours.


Allow the spasms and erection to subside then slide out. If you haven’t used a condom, you’ll want to pop to the bathroom to expel the mingled lube and ejaculate and clean up. Don’t worry, there’s certainly time for you to lie together basking in the extreme intense afterglow before you have to do this.

Talk over what you loved, what you’d try next time and most of all enjoy the intimacy.

Finally, a move you might not have tried

You could try jiggle balls or vibrating love eggs inside the vagina to give even more stimulation deep inside. Read more on anal sex with our beginner’s guide.

For some great scenes featuring the gorgeously intimate act of anal sex, take a browse of these beautiful films.

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