I have always loved fitness since I was in university, my favourite pastimes being running, rowing and going to the gym at least 4 times a week. When I moved for my first job, I found it hard to get motivated and gave myself excuses not to get back into my fitness regime. I mentioned this to a colleague at work, his wife was a regular at a very exclusive gym and he encouraged me to go along with her (she could endorse my application).

After some persuasion, I took the offer and we became regular gym buddies, the motivation of having a partner really helped me get back in shape which boosted my self-confidence no end. After many months I found myself comparing myself to her, at first it was about trying to run further, lift more, but then it was body shape, she was perfect, wonderful skin, tall, great legs, great boobs and a gorgeous round pert bum. I started watching her in the gym, I would purposely get a spot behind her in classes and I even went to the length of telling her I had a favourite bike in spin class so I could watch her bum move up and down.

I started to get aroused before we met and agonised over what gym outfit I should wear. I began to fantasise about what she might look like under her bra top and leggings which would get me to the point where the slightest touch would push me over the edge to the most delicious orgasm.

I had never been interested in women before, but Helen was a definite exception to the rule, I had to find out. One of my favourite fantasies of Helen was us being together on a secluded beach alone, the warm sun on our naked bodies and the gentle lapping of the waves on the golden sand, my hands exploring every inch of her beautifully tanned firm body while she kissed and licked my boobs before kissing me deeply, our tongues and bodies entwined.

The gym had a pool and spa, we had never been in it together for the 8 months I had been a member and I desperately wanted to see how she looked in a bikini to make my fantasy even more erotic, I had something specific in mind, a white triangle bikini with Brazilian cut tie side bottoms. One Saturday afternoon after a couple of glasses of wine too many, I ordered one for her and a black one for me. My plan was to suggest we went after our gym session and because she wouldn’t have a suit, she could ‘borrow’ one of mine.

I was so incredibly eager when they arrived, I put them straight in my bag ready for the next day. The whole day I was distracted at work, impatient and incredibly horny, I couldn’t sit still, planning what I would do and say, hoping she wouldn’t decline. It must have been obvious something was up as Helen asked me at least four times while we were working out if everything was alright.

Toward the end, I executed my plan. As I anticipated she said she had no swimsuit and I offered, my heart jumped when she agreed, and we headed down to shower and change. I could hardly take my eyes off her in the changing room, she was even more gorgeous than I had imagined, but my moment turned to panic when I took the bikinis out, I had ordered thongs! I tried to cover up my embarrassment, but it was really obvious, Helen was quite the opposite, she put the bikini on and was delighted with the way it looked (she did look great). I had no choice at this point so did the same, but without the same confidence, Helen had.

I tried not to think about how I looked as we headed out of the changing room to the jacuzzi, luckily it was almost empty. I began to feel better when we were in the bubbles when Helen leaned over and said thank you and kissed me on the cheek. I can still remember the heat in my cheeks from how much it made me blush. Helen was even more forward though, she asked me if it was what I was hoping for. I couldn’t get the words out before I felt her hand slip into my skimpy little bottoms, she looked deeply into my eyes, not saying a word. Her fingers gently rubbing my clit until she brought me to the most explosive orgasm I had ever felt, I would have collapsed if I hadn’t been sitting down.

She told me it had been obvious for months I had been interested in her and she was disappointed I had not acted earlier, the next part I don’t remember clearly but I do realise she had much more experience than I did (maybe being older) because she told me what to do, she wanted to feel what I had felt and I was only too happy to oblige, both sitting in the bubbles gently pleasuring each other, I was very eager to please and didn’t mind at all doing everything she wanted me to. I stopped being self-conscious and didn’t care about anything around me, even to the point of letting Helen move my bikini top aside so she could get a better look and feel of my boobs (which are much bigger than hers). I said I stopped being self-conscious, but we were asked to leave by the spa staff because “it wasn’t that type of establishment” which still makes me smile.

I did have many more encounters with Helen over the next two years before I moved jobs again, we still stay in touch and I often get saucy messages from her asking me to do special things. Her husband (my colleague) never knew about our special relationship and I still go to the same gym chain, but it doesn’t hold the same appeal. I do keep the bikini though!

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