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In the last few days the Motion Picture of America has announced the official film rating for 50 Shades of Grey as an R, or for UK audiences it equates to a 15 indicating in their words that it contains “strong sexual content including dialogue, some unusual behaviour and graphic nudity”… ah I so hope it does or what have we all been reading about I hear you cry!

Already there are concerns, well with anything of such mass interest there are always plenty of opinions, but will it be quite so raunchy as we would all wish it to be, there is always the case of whether this was ever likely to be the film you wanted to take your daughter to anyway, so why hold back at 15!


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Yes it really is just a few weeks away now to the release of one of the most anticipated films of this decade. So many questions will finally be answered when the cinema screens go live after 13th February with the film of EL James’ hotly ramped up novels. But one of the biggest questions on so many lips is just how sexy can the film really get, and when commerciality and mass interest gets involved there is a fine balancing act for mainstream cinema.

If you are one of those champing at the bit wanting to see the no holes barred option, what I can confirm is that you really have come to the right place. I mean why are you waiting for just one film when here every week there is all the naughty fuckery you could possibly want, with plenty of sexual content… explicit story lines, kinky behaviour and fabulous graphic nudity, ooh bring it on I say and even better, you are never restricted to just one Christian Grey either, the choice is here too. Here for your pleasure some of our 50 Shades moments… and they have all been published ready for you to watch right now.





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