Somebody asked me the other day, “so do you actually get involved in all your filming”? Oh yes, I certainly do. It’s hard work but that’s where all the fun begins and where FrolicMe comes alive. For those of you who are members you will be able to see below just what I have been up to over the last week or so as well as some rather fun behind the scenes photos that capture just that, the great time we have producing all this gorgeous erotica for you all. Call it a naughty tease if you like but carry on reading and you will be able to view just a few images from some of my latest shoots which will be published soon. In fact, my special Valentine weekend film SPOTLIGHT was one of those I just filmed but I was so keen to publish for this weekend. I began FrolicMe wanting to create a particular style of image that I had in my head, portray a vision of what I felt erotica was all...

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3 thoughts on “Here’s a naughty tease of some of the gorgeous erotica you can expect over the coming weeks

  1. Love the anal adoration …more of the same please …I find it a great turn on and makes me want to see and …of course ..,try ..more!

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