Lift sex film with personal assistant secretary

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This weekend has a certain special meaning to me, it was this time last year that I published my very first film, and you could say FrolicMe was born producing beautiful erotic sex that I believe women would enjoy. The first erotic movie, aptly entitled LIFT KISS I had actually written about as a scene many months before on my blog. It was one of those sexual desires of mine that I had always had, and felt should become one of my first ever published sex fantasy videos, something that would symbolise the erotic content that FrolicMe would offer.

I can remember so clearly making the scene and the fun we had utilising the lift for the best cinematic effect. I wanted the lift doors to open and close and each time sees the physical action begin to unfold, as the lift doors open you see more gorgeous naughty pleasure as they appear more dishevelled in their appearance, their bodies entwined and their mouths consumed with each other. However, on one occasion the lift doors didn’t open as planned, as I discovered someone somewhere had called this private lift to another floor. Imagine the moments that flashed through my mind, could someone else who had called the lift receive a little more of an interesting view than they first imagined when the doors opened? Thankfully, our fabulous couple quickly realised they were heading away from my floor, and no embarrassment was caused, but I did capture some wonderful and very arousing footage.

As part of my celebrating my year in erotic publishing, here is a reminder of my first film featuring passionate kissing that sparked the site that is today. So many sexy movies have since followed and there are many more to come, with many more shoots planned and many fabulous scenes in the final production. So while I toast my endeavours into this fun world of adult erotica, enjoy my artistic porn film LIFT KISS and forgive my self-indulgence!

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