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Here at Frolicme, we champion sexual pleasure in all its glory — and that includes sex toys. It’s almost the festive season which is a fabulous time to think about sexy gifts for your lover, or even better, yourself!

But did you know one of our team is also an award-winning sex toy inventor? Tabitha, the commissioning editor of our magazine and erotic stories, is the designer of the Ruby Glow a ride-on vibrator and grinder, as seen being enjoyed in our sensual female masturbation film Ruby Glow

With many more in the pipeline, we thought we’d celebrate by showcasing her current toy, the Ruby Glow Blush! and give you the chance to take advantage of a very special offer. 

It’s no accident that Tabitha designs hands-free ride-on vibes. It was purely a case of necessity being the mother of invention. She explains:

“When I’ve been writing my hot and horny erotic stories, I’ll know they’re good if they have the effect on me that I’m trying to elicit in my readers. And when that happens, sometimes I have to take a break and indulge in my need for orgasms. One day I decided that I’d love to write ‘through’ an orgasm scene, from the rising to the crest of the wave and the plateaux time to see how it affected the storyline.

I had a very specific idea of the shape I wanted to usea very simple saddle-style form I could grind against, anchoring it in place with my pubic bone. I needed my hands and fingers free to type and as I was working at my desk, I wanted to use it through clothing. I believed it would just be a case of popping online to buy what I had in mind, but there was nothing like it. With many women finding their first orgasms come via humping or grinding onto pillows or everyday objects, I was very surprised there was nothing out there to buy, so I set about making my own.”

The original Ruby Glow is very much based around this simple saddle shape with vibrating humps to grind the clit and vaginal opening on. It is a full vulva massage which isn’t intended for penetration. This makes it ideal for many people who may have felt left out of the personal sexual revolution. Back in 2014, Tabitha felt very left out.

“I really felt there was nothing out there for me. The choices were rabbit vibes or dildosboth are aimed at penetration and require quite a lot of dexterity to use. When I really started to think about it, I realised there were so many more people who must be looking for something different. Having suffered an extreme bout of arthritis, I did panic at that time, knowing there was no way my hands and wrists were strong enough to manually give myself pleasure through manual masturbation or even the possibility of holding a vibrator. This drove me to produce my toys. And what about those who don’t even have a choice about whether they want penetration? The Vaginismus Network do fantastic work around empowering women and people who live with the condition to reclaim their sense of self and their right to pleasure. It can be an alienating feeling when everyone seems to be having their best sex and you feel left out of it. I hope that in some small way, my designs have been helpful to those seeking alternatives or not even realising there are alternatives.

Of course, nowadays, we are actually very spoiled by the range of sex toys and ways to pleasure ourselves so easily available it seems like a lifetime ago that these choices were so limited. I’m immensely proud to have shed a tiny light on this area. Humpers and grinders unite!”

The Ruby Glow Blush has the added bonus of coming apart to reveal a wand which can be used in so many ways. For pinpointed external clitoral stimulation to internal G-spot satisfaction, it is a very versatile toy. It can be used by all bodies, the beautiful curves on the wand can also cradle the balls or curve around the penis shaft to offer a lovely bond. And as we all have a bottom, the Blush is flared in the middle so anal play is also possible.

It has been recommended in Marie Claire and Fabulous Mag where it was named as one of the best sex toys to ramp up your love life!

It is the world’s first ride-on vibrator and wand combo and Tabitha is delighted to offer Frolicme members in the UK a very special price of £60! Simply use the code FROLICME at checkout to get Tabitha’s best deal ever on this product.

Tabitha currently ships to UK and Europe only but you can find The Ruby Glow Blush worldwide at all good retailers including: SheVibe and Spectrum Boutique and She Bop

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