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Je Joue, meaning ‘I play’ in French, is a sex-positive, independent, luxury sex toy brand.

Because we have featured this beautiful little vibrator in one of our upcoming films, I was kindly sent two Vitas to review. 


The Je Joue Vita comes in an elegant and stylish drawer-style box, so you really feel like you are opening a gift. The box is robust enough to be the toy’s ‘home’ on your nightstand.

I was given the Vita in hot pink and a deep blue. I don’t have any sex toys in blue, so I decided to try that one first.

The Vita is a slender and discreet bullet vibrator with a gorgeously soft silicone outer. The shaft tapers at the end and then flares to a round head with a dimple or dip on one side. This little dip has been reported to offer a slight sucking motion if you get the pressure and surface connection just right. Placing it on my inner arm, I could see how that might translate to pleasure elsewhere. The other side of the ‘bulb’ or ‘head’ will give a more pinpointed touch.

Vita is a bullet vibe with a wand tip. The full measurement is 12.6 cm long, has a diameter of just under 3 cm, and is very lightweight with a USB charger. It’s the perfect travelling companion!

It is lucky because I was flying to Mallorca the day after it arrived. I always love to have a new sex toy to take on holiday—nothing spices up a sunny break like the excitement of trying a saucy little something!

The Je Joue Vita has three control buttons, which are raised and fairly small—you can just about feel which one you are pressing when not looking. The middle button is the on/off switch and changes the vibration pattern, while the top and bottom control the speed. It has the advantage of a travel lock system too with is always handy. *My mind wanders to that time when my suitcase started buzzing while on the train across Germany.*

Trying out the Je Joue Vita Solo

As I mentioned before, I absolutely love a new sex toy and find the anticipation of trying it out very exciting. This can lead to perhaps a ‘false positive’ as I’ve already worked myself up at the thought of new sensations. Therefore, any toy I try for the first time is not going to be met with any real challenge!

I had a couple of sangrias in the sun and retired to my room for an afternoon of self-loving with the Je Joue Vita.

The cobalt blue hue is unusual but lovely. When I switched it on, the starting rhythm is as expected—a steady vibration with no patterns on the lowest speed/intensity. I was struck immediately by how rumbly this first setting was. I went straight to business and held it against my clitoris while assessing the motions and sensations. The head on the neck of the bullet was lightly beating onto my clit—almost like a tiny gentle, yet intense battering ram. It felt really good, and the sensations travelled beyond the clitoral head for sure. The neck is very flexible, so the head offers a lot of ‘give’ when pressed against you. I switched up the intensity/speed and was treated to even deeper rumbles. I was really impressed by how strong it was despite the small size.

There was a definite change when I pressed the speed up for a fourth time. The vibrations seemed to change from a base note formed in the chest to a treble formed in the throat. The higher the speed, the less intense or rumbly the vibrations were. I enjoyed the rumbliness, so I returned it to the third setting. Like I said, the excitement of the new toy had me tumbling into orgasm almost right away, so I used this as a practice run and washed it and put it away until my gentleman caller arrived later that day…

Trying out the Je Joue Vita with a partner

Because the Je Joue Vita is a bullet vibe, it is small enough to bring into partnered play at any point in the proceedings. One of my favourite ways to use a vibe during PIV sex is to get into reverse cow-girl and use the toy to stimulate my partner’s balls, shaft and my clit, alternating between those. The Vita was so strong and rumbly that the vibrations travelled from the base of my fella’s cock right up into me, stimulating the internal fronds of my clitoris, so it was a really satisfying ride.

It can be tricky to hold in precisely the right spot sometimes, especially as the neck is so flexible, so one moment, you might have it on the precise location, but if you twitch slightly, moving it just the tiniest bit can change the intensity on your clit. So I’d say my Je Joue Vita didn’t have such an easy time of it on the second use, but that was mainly due to two bodies changing positions. Whilst the deep rumbles travelling internally were amazing, like really great, I do need direct stimulation on my external clitoral head to come, so trying to hold it in place with all that flexibility meant it wasn’t quite as satisfying. However, a slight change in strategy had me using the more solid shaft of the bullet onto my clit so I could hold it steady in position with the exact pressure required without it slipping at the crucial moment.

It was a lot of fun to use with partnered play and the rumbles really were a surprise. It made me think of a hot lovechild between the Doxy wand and the Zumio

Trying out the Je Joue Vita for a third time Solo, just make extra sure it worked…

So of course, sun, sex and sangria are all very well for heightening the erotic arousal so as a true professional, I had to test my Je Joue Vita when I got home to make sure it wasn’t just the sun and sangria talking.

Armed with my Vita, dildo and phone—set to my current favourite Frolicme movie, I took to my boudoir to put my Vita through its paces once more.

Well, I decided to be a bit more scientific and work my way through each of the settings.

For added stimulation and thrills, I used a ceramic dildo to hint at penetration, as it was so much fun partnered on holiday. I then popped on the film and settled back, placing the tip of the Vita onto my clit. Because the control buttons are on the same side as the dipped part of the wand head, I found it easier to have this facing away from my body—therefore, I was using the rounded side of the Vita for stimulation.

The erotic movie was heating up, I was very turned on, the rumbles on the lowest three settings were doing the business, and it was all going to be over very quickly unless I tried something else.

My body is not a fan of patterns and rhythms in sex toy vibrations. I love that there’s a choice, but I have never really indulged in them. They make me very frustrated. But because I needed to slow down and edge myself, I thought, why not?


Discovering I actually do love vibration patterns with the Je Joue Vita to show me the way!

As with most vibrating sex toys, the rhythms follow a set pattern:

1—no pulsing

2—regular pulsing, 

3—build-up and retreat pulsing, and so on.

I’m astonished to report that on rhythm 2 at speed setting 4, I came after about 3 seconds. 

I have never, and I mean ever, climaxed with the patterns—they usually completely infuriate me.

I was pleased. But also very sceptical. Was it just an anomaly?

In the interest of science and professionalism, I repeated the experiment

I rewound the film to my favourite bit and tried again on a different pattern and speed. No joy this time, so I kept going, scrolling through the settings until I found that strange and new friend… the pulse. 

I came five times in all. But here’s the thing. It was like the Je Joue Vita was saying, “Ha! You’re not done yet!” And just as I’d finished, if I didn’t remove the toy immediately or switch it off, it had me on the come up again!

In conclusion

If you’re having an afternoon date with your Je Joue Vita, be sure to throw it off you the instant you orgasm, or you might find yourself unable to leave your bed ever again, stuck in a perpetual cycle of coming over and over again forever and ever.

Fun though!

Thanks to the Je Joue team, who kindly let me try this perfectly petite, powerful, and very naughty little toy. The Je Joue Vita bullet with wand tip deserves a very deserving 5 stars from me. In fact, I think I’ll keep it in my handbag for all future travels, near and far.

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