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With apps basically running our lives, where would we be without them? Fitness tracking, period monitors, calendars, recipes, relaxation, you name it there’s an app for everything! But what about sex? We know of course of the sex apps that help us find quick sex whenever and wherever we may be, think Tinder, Grindr, OKCupid etc.

But there are so many more ways that technology can enhance our sexual health, pleasure, and wellbeing and it looks like sex app developers are taking note.

Take this one, Disckreet Vault which is a secure place to store your sex pictures and sexting sauciness. It offers a passcoded way to feel secure that the only ones who can see your sexy pics are those who have the password. You can revoke access at any time and only allow access to certain images. A brilliant way to let loose without all hell breaking loose! You can only access the material if you both put the password in at the same time. It also offers full encryption of the files so even if someone were to hack into your phone, they would be safe. A great resource if your privacy is the key to your heart (and loins!).

Our top sex apps


Ever feel horny but don’t want to voice it for fear of rejection? Lovesync is an app that, when activated, sends a signal to your partner’s app which they can only see if they too feel horny and ‘tap for sex’, that way no-one is any the wiser if they miss it. It does exactly what it says—if you’re both in the mood, bingo! We are half extremely enthusiastic about this app, and half a bit sad—surely sending the signals directly to your partner and communicating your way into their pants is a better option, however, we also think this is genius if you’re in the mood for a quickie. If you feel sensitive about asking for sex this might be a great solution. 


Is one of the more niche sex apps out there which depends on a very specific set of circumstances to hook you up—on your plane flight! Fill in your flight details and horny level, anyone on board with the same app can hook up and join that good old Mile High Club!


Is a time-sensitive app meaning that if nobody makes a move within 24 hours the chat disappears—which helps with that awkward, ew don’t fancy, stage.

Feeld is for those who fancy threesome sex or moresome! Feeld is on a mission to let humans explore their vast sexual adventures by matching them to others with the same desires. Taking human sexuality seriously and giving an open-minded platform for those wanting to explore and enrich their sexual desires.


String is an app that matches you with your potential sexy suitor by voice! We all know how popular audio porn is becoming so it makes sense that getting back to our vocals can be an underrated pursuit—but such a great idea! We can be very masked over the internet, choosing what we want to show—so imagine if we meet that hunky guy, only to find out his voice truly grates on our nerves. There’s something very intimate about your voice—and sometimes the direct route to your genitals is through your ear canals! We’ve all heard that silky tone that drove us wild, this sounds like a very interesting app and so far, gets our auralproval!


A sex app to help improve your sex life—the tagline is Science of Healthy Sex. The platform is almost like sex therapy on your phone. With sex tips and techniques a-plenty, 87% of users of this app declared an improvement in their sex life—whether that was with sexual confidence, wellbeing or more satisfaction, that sure is a lot more happy people out there!

While researching we found it striking that there were so many sex apps enabling you to get sex as quickly as possible in your area. Lots of hook-up sites, but not so many exploring other sides of sex, and then, what next? One woman looking to fill this gap in the sexual market is Liz Bradley founder of Nymphapp where you can track your sex life including sexual health—making it a great complementary app for all that amazing hook-up sex you’re having! You can keep track of your partners, contraception, make reminders for check-ups and tests—and share results with your partners. This is a calendar-based app where you can input your activity, set reminders and take control of your sexual health and well-being responsibly therefore actually making casual sex more carefree.

It’s still in the development stage so I asked Liz what it’s like developing a sex app…

“Even though I was raised in a very sex-shaming household, I had enough sex-positive influences in my 20s (thanks, The Internet!) that I was able to ditch the shame and give myself a comprehensive sex education.

Now, I am able to talk very openly and boldly about sex, which is necessary when you’re trying to pitch a sex-related product. You really have to just own it and show them you’re proud of your work, regardless of what anyone else might think.”

“I wanted a way to track my sexual activity and something to remind me to get tested frequently. But when I turned to the app store, there was… nothing.”

One of Liz’s ultimate goals is for dating and hook-up apps to have a badge on their apps showing that they use and support Nymphapp to show people taking responsibility for their own, and therefore their partners’ STIs and sexual health.

We look forward to seeing the app go live.

So it seems that there are still innovation opportunities in the sex app world—what do you think would enhance your sexual health and fun? How about a climax app that tells you the best way to achieve certain orgasms? Or an app that edges you to sexual frustration heaven! A domination app that gives you your sexual orders for solo BDSM pursuits perhaps? Oooo now you’re talking.

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