I really wanted to share this experience we just recently had.

This new couple—we’ll call them Jones—Megan and Chris just moved into the neighbourhood a few months ago.

So after they first moved in, we had them over for dinner to get to know them. We really hit it off with them—we’re around the same age, have similar interests, and we both have really active sex lives. We were open with each other about sex and even shared some experiences we had with each other. I think we were all kind of turned on to be able to talk so openly about it.

After they went home, Emily and I made love to each other.

When we were done, I got a text from Chris, and it’s a mirror selfie picture of him doing his wife in doggy!

I showed it to Emily, and she was super surprised. We loved it.

Long story short, they had us over for dinner at their place one night, and we got to know each other a bit more.

Then just last week, Valentine’s weekend was coming up, and Chris texted me and was like, “Hey can you help us with our bucket list? We want to try doing something forbidden with you guys.”

I talked to my wife about it, and we both agreed this was really hot and we might not ever get an opportunity to do this ever again. So I texted back an emphatic “yes!”.

Last Friday night, we had a double date. We were at our house, and we thought we would have dinner, socialise and play some games that would push our boundaries a bit.

When it came time, I announced that we were going to play Twister. I’ll be the spinner. My wife, Emily, and our “dates”, Megan and Chris, went over to the Twister mat. I spun the first few times, and eventually, they started to get pretty well twisted. I was kind of turned on seeing Megan and Emily so close to each other. They had both of their legs intertwined. Finally, on the next spin, Emily slipped and hit her bum on the ground. I told her there was a “twist” to this game—If you mess up and fall, you have to strip one article of clothing. Strip twister.

She conceded and took off her jeans, showing her sexy pink panties. A few more spins, and eventually, Emily and Chris were close enough that their crotches were actually touching. I wasn’t paying attention enough to see if Chris was cheating to make this happen, but he was now on the right colour that I just spun, and I didn’t have to be paying that much attention to notice the bulge in his pants as he was pressed up against my wife’s pussy.

Emily was blushing. I think she was also enjoying it. Megan, on the other hand, was doing remarkably well. Then on the next spin, everyone fell all on the same turn. Emily and Megan both took their tops off, leaving them in just their bras. I think Chris may have fallen on purpose because he quickly took off his pants, revealing his hard boner inside his boxers. We kept spinning, and we got to where Emily and Megan were wearing only their panties, but Chris still had his undershirt and boxers, his cock hard from having both my wife and his next to him topless.

I could see Megan’s pussy slit through her panties as she was in kind of a crab walk position, while Emily’s boobs were dangling down since she was on all fours. I began stroking my cock because I couldn’t believe how hot this was. I knew what was coming next, and that anticipation was killing me.

At this point, I revealed the next “twist” of the game. If you get completely naked, then the person with the most clothes on gets to request a sexual favour from the person who fell.

Two more spins and Emily fell. She may have done it on purpose, but then again, she hasn’t always been super graceful. She stripped off her panties and now she was completely naked. Seeing her there naked was a huge turn-on for me. I always thought she was super-hot, even after 11 years of marriage. And now there she was naked with our two best neighbour friends. She looked over to Chris, who said, “blow job?”. Emily gave him a grin and nodded, then crawled over on all fours to Chris.

I caught a glimpse of her shaved pussy which looked as good as ever.

“You have three minutes,” I said.

She pulled his hard cock out of his garment bottoms through the fly, put it in her mouth and thrust it in and out. It wasn’t a deep throat, she never did that because her mouth was too small. But it sure looked like she gave him a great blow job, just as good as any she’s given me. And Chris was enjoying it too. Meanwhile, I was stroking my cock as I watched, and Megan was touching herself as well.

Circling her clit with her hand down her panties. I noticed her glance over to me for a split second while I was stroking through my clothes. I decided I would enjoy this more (and maybe she would too), if I pulled out my dick. So I took off my shirt, and pulled out my dick and kept stroking it. Megan looked over at me excitedly, which sent a rush of blood to my member. She watched me and kept gently stroking her pussy and now started slowly thrusting her hips.

Oh my gosh, my cock was so hard!

The three-minute timer went off, but everyone just ignored it. We were all so turned on.

Megan went over to make out with Chris while my wife was still pleasing him. I took the opportunity to go and enter my wife from behind while she was still on all fours giving head to Chris. As I thrust, it pushed her a bit deeper on Chris’s dick. I wrapped my arms around her and massaged her boobs. I could tell Emily was enjoying it because her pussy was tight.   This was one of her fantasies that she had talked to me about, getting penetrated from behind while simultaneously having someone else in her mouth.

After a couple more minutes of this, I pulled out of my wife and went over to Megan, who was still making out with her husband. I made eye contact with Chris, he gave me a thumbs up, so I pulled down Megan’s panties revealing her tight yoga ass and entered her.

She turned her head around for a second and gave me a smile of approval. It was my first time ever being inside of someone else besides my wife. She had a warm, wet and tight pussy. It was amazing!

Chris was ready for some pussy action too. So he turned my wife around, still on all fours, but she was now facing me. We locked eye contact with each other. Her eyes rolled back as Chris penetrated her. Chris is tall—over six feet, and so was pretty well hung with a bigger-than-average dick, and my wife was really enjoying it.

I took in the sight of her face in ecstasy while I humped Megan. It was so hot! Chris and I eventually switched over to our own wives and finished inside of them. I took one final mental picture of everyone as we were all getting dressed. This was a moment that we would all remember for the rest of our lives.

Whenever my wife and I bring this up lately, we get super turned on thinking about it.

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