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I do believe we all love to share our stories, whether they are just the seeds of a naughty thought that we play in our mind, a secret little fantasy we just can’t let go of, or something we have actually enjoyed during a random encounter that will stay with us for time to come. All these events, stories, encounters offer us those sexy nuggets that many of us would love to share but don’t have an outlet. After all, that’s how all my sexy ramblings began, and something I found immensely inspiring to do, to share my encounters and thoughts with others.

Some of you have already contacted me directly to tell me of some fabulous pleasures that you wanted to share, so I thought I had to bring that opportunity to so many more of my members. There will be a special place on my site you can host your thoughts, personal stories or private fantasies so others can enjoy too. Call it your confessions, a special area and forum for my members to enjoy personal tales and discussions.

So as I create this special area for you, a page dedicated just to such stimulating words and thoughts, I would be thrilled to hear more from you all and allow your sexy adventures, personal exploits and fantasies to be published to share with others. Remember they can be real life stories, bespoke erotic tales, sexual confessions through to just erotic words and selfies. Take a moment to write to me, at and I would be delighted to help you share those moments. Naturally all anonymously of course, your name is completely at your discretion, and those of others involved too.

So pick up your laptop, pour a glass of wine and do a little reminiscing…enjoy your naughty thoughts and remember don’t be afraid to spill all the beans. Remember what makes us all tick and what you like to enjoy reading too.

I look forward to hearing from you, and can’t wait to read about your sexy, naughty adventures be they on our ‘done’ or ‘to-do’ list!

Please mail me at and lets chat

Loves Anna x


Maybe your fantasy is to indulge in some outdoor sex…knowing you might be seen !


Maybe there was a night you indulged your inner slut and devoured more than one man? Recall the amazing memory and tell all…!


Tell me about the thrill of the moment when you you flash in public…how good did it make you feel !

Mail me now at and lets chat

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4 thoughts on “Your confessions…tell me all and share with others xx

  1. I’m excited just thinking about what I could share on here… All my darkest fantasies…. My guilty secrets… I’ve been a very naughty girl Anna… X

  2. lately you have done several films with women masturbating – why not switch it up and have the man do it for his woman???

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