My name is Jane. I am happily married to Dick and we have a monogamous marriage with one exception—we have ‘sexy play’ with another real couple, Erica and Bob.

When I say sexy play—we find ways to get naked then have innocent fun, limited to massaging, touching, spanking and fondling. No deep kissing, no penetration, nothing but fun touching. It’s very stimulating.

One weekend Erica was out of town and we invited Bob over for drinks. Bob agreed to join us and suggested that I wear an outfit that would be ‘fun to remove’. Hmmm…

The doorbell rings and I go to answer it. I’m wearing loose gym shorts and a very short cut-off T. I never wear a bra when home so my not-large but still erect and firm breasts are barely concealed, just a bit of down boob showing, my always erect nipples protrude slightly. I open the door and Bob gives me a big smile, along with a hug and kiss on the cheek. His hands just barely glance off the sides of my breasts as he pulls back, causing my nipples to pop just a bit more.

“Come on in,” I say, and he drops his jacket on the sofa and kicks off his shoes.

Dick, in the kitchen mixing our favourite G&Ts, comes out and greets our guest with a hug. We sit around with our drinks, chatting aimlessly about what is happening in our lives. A second round appears and we begin recalling some of our best times together—cruises, dinners, and my favourite—Bob’s birthday massage with Erica, complete with a happy ending.

By the third round of drinks I am beginning to feel the effects and sit on my Bob’s lap, looking for a kiss. We aren’t constrained with the no-kiss rule and he deep throats me with his tongue for a very long time.

Once separated I move to Bob’s lap and, while not French kissing, we do snuggle close together, Bob gently nibbling on my neck as his hands begin to explore my bare stomach and lower boobs. Feeling no resistance he cups one, then the other and gently rolls my nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I squirm in his lap as it feels wonderful.

Did I mention that I am very sensitive to touch? I cum easily, often just by my nipples.

We both look up at Dick, seeking approval and find him grinning broadly at us. Clearly, he likes to watch. Finishing our third drink Bob asks me if I wanted to get more comfortable.

Nodding as I get up to go to the bathroom, Bob makes a request to Dick—he wants to ‘unwrap’ me alone as Dick watches and records the event. Dick agrees and goes off to make another round and set up our video camera.

Bob and Dick are chatting when I return but all conversation stops when I enter the room. I’m wearing a short black lace robe, loosely tied at the waist, with a matching black thong. I spin around to the approval of the boys and Dick explains what is going to happen. I am not disappointed.
Bob stands, approaches me and kisses me lightly on the lips, then spins me around, pulling me into him. He begins running his hands up and down my sides, nuzzling my neck as he does so. The feelings are so good and strong, I rotate my hips, pushing into his pelvis as I do. The nuzzling turns into nibbling and his hands move from my sides to chest, lightly grazing my breasts, separated only by the gauzy material. Slowly his hands move down to my belly then to my pubis, directly above my cunt.

I respond by thrusting deeper and bring my hands behind me and squeezing Bob’s ass. I feel the tie holding my robe closed being loosened, then falling away. Bob opens the robe and massages my tits and pinching my nipples much harder than before. His mouth moves up to my ear lobe and he sucks it eagerly. I am in heaven. Spinning me around again I am now face to face with my ‘friend’.

Bob slips the robe off of me and bends down to pick it up, blowing gently on my very wet cunt as he slowly removes my now drenched thong. He devours my tits, first the left then the right then the left again. His hands are kneading my ass cheeks as I move my entire body in a slow dance of pleasure. Mission accomplished, Bob releases me and motions to Dick to come join us.

Dick wraps his arms around me and gives me the best hug ever, kissing me deeply as he does so. Looking straight into my eyes he asks how I am doing and if I want to proceed. I smile up to him, say yes and kiss him back, thanking him for letting me have this.

We proceed to the bedroom. I’m naked, they aren’t.

Starting with my husband I pull his sweatshirt over his shoulders and toss them into the laundry. I then hook my thumbs into his waistband and remove the running shorts. Laundry. Seeing the state of his arousal I reach down and give him a good squeeze, prompting a low groan of pleasure.

Pleased to see how I affect my husband I now turn to Bob.

Bob is slightly better dressed than we are. I slowly unbutton his shirt and peel it off his back, tossing it into the chair. I unfasten his belt and trousers, pulling them down and off his legs. Being neatly pressed, I fold them carefully and drape them over the chair back. Bob was wearing underwear and that was totally unacceptable so I remove them as well. He was in the same state as Dick but he is our guest so I give him a little kiss on the tip of his cock. He responds by placing his hands behind my head and gently pulling me towards him, urging me go deeper.

I open my mouth and take him in, licking as I go. Not too much, not now. My two guys guide me over to the bed and place me in the middle, with one of them on either side. Dick grabs some lube and Bob grabs my tits, alternatively licking and sucking them. Dick applies some lube to my outer pussy lips and rubs it in, causing my legs to automatically open, inviting him in for more. Finding my clit he gently massages it, causing it to grow slightly and pop out of its hood.

Meanwhile Bob is exploring my entire chest, burying his tongue into my navel while still fondling my tits. I find two cocks and reach out, wrapping my hands around both of them. The multi-handed stimulation is starting to have its effect.

The lube is mixing with my own juices and I am getting very excited. My hips thrust up, begging for penetration and more. I lean over and take Bob’s cock into my mouth and stroke it eagerly, then flip over and attack Dick’s dick. Dick responds by spreading me wider, moving down and kneeling between my legs. His tongue goes straight to my clit and I jump at the contact.

I am very close to climax and Bob senses it immediately. He goes back to my nipples and scrapes them with his teeth. I begin to buck uncontrollably at the sensations and the mere thought of having two men servicing me puts me over the top. My entire body convulses and I end up bucking Dick off of my clit.

Bob doesn’t let go of my tits and I ride out the wave of joy with my two favourite guys.

Now totally relaxed I spend some time giving back. I get up on my hands and knees and admire the two gentlemen that are before me. I take the lube and spread is on my hands, then apply it to their cocks. I begin to stroke them slowly, watching their faces as they become more and more aroused. I alternate going down on them, starting with Dick first, then Bob. My tongue lightly traces the length of their shafts, my hand cups and toys with their balls.

I deep throat Bob as Dick gets behind and mounts me, thrusting his hard, slick cock deep into my pussy. The forward thrusting causes me to take Bob ever deeper into my throat and the sensations are too much for him as he soon explodes into my mouth with a full load of cum, crying out as he does so.

Dick is so excited about the scene in front of him that he too cums, filling me with his load as he slaps my ass with his open palm, surely leaving a mark for days to come.

Collapsing on the bed the three of us spoon for several minutes, wordlessly as there is nothing to say. It was magnificent. I have violated our rules but I can’t wait till Erika returns—maybe we can re-negotiate them!

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