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Just what it is about hotels that make us think of hot dirty sex? Can we use a little trip away to spice up our own sex lives?

We say, yes, absolutely!

There’s something about being in a room where you are completely anonymous. No family photos stare out from their frames, no dirty washing festering under the bed, no pets reminding you over and over that they need to be fed. No, there’s just you, your lover (or lovers) and a night of complete freedom for some naughty hotel sex.

Escaping the mundane day-to-day drudge of life is the perfect way to inject a bit of fun back into your relationship.

We even recommend it for your solo libido. Going away on a business trip? Be sure to pack your best underwear and why not treat yourself to a new sex toy or two. Seducing yourself is a wonderful way to awaken your sex drive. Take time over yourself. Have a long bath and tend to your ablutions just as if you were waiting for your partner to arrive.

If you and your partner are planning a saucy night away, why not check-in before them. Take a couple of hours extra to settle in, free from responsibility. A bucket with ice and some bubbly is a must. There’s nothing in this world that says luxury like a bubble bath while drinking a lovely chilled glass of wine.

Yes, this all sounds terribly extravagant but if you can be flexible and take a last-minute deal.  You can sometimes find reasonable rates even on very nice hotels. If you skip the evening meal and stay in the bedroom, you’ll find you can have a very frugal fun night.

Of course, there is a rather cliché scene. You no doubt will have seen it in various films, or read in many books of erotica. A lone woman sits at a hotel bar nursing a drink when an apparent stranger starts talking to her. The chemistry is palpable and they end up having steamy hot ravishing sex. You are left breathless, only to find that they were married all along. I’m sure you recognise this? But clichés are there for a reason, they are popular scenarios that turn people on, and there’s nothing wrong with that! So get on your role-play face and make a scene at the bar to sizzle to.

Oh to be whisked off up to a crisp immaculate room and be fucked to an inch of your life, by the love of your life. The chemistry that most likely bubbles away day-to-day without you noticing is transformed into red hot sparks between you. You become excited to be with each other again.

In this film Playtime, we are treated to some lovely preparation of things to come when our leading lady films some sexy action for her lover. In the accompanying story by Posy Churchgate, we are taken on a sexy rendezvous where she is waiting for her lover to come and meet her in the hotel later. She is getting ready for his arrival. She has been primped and prepped at the beauty spa and now finds herself absolutely irresistible and simply can’t wait for her over to arrive.

On a hotel visit, the sheets are always whiter, the hot water jet in the shower stronger, the bathrobes fluffier, the sex dirtier…

You can really act out any fantasies you like in a hotel. It’s anonymous and who cares how noisy you are! Make use of the Do Not Disturb sign and away you go.

Don’t forget your bag of sex toys! Sex toys are a wonderful way to enhance your pleasure and experiment with new sensations.

If you are really looking for an erotic adventure, why not visit a sex toy or lingerie store together. Take a look at products, get advice from staff about what you might like to try. It can really break the ice between you too.

For solo hotel sex, the female masturbation video, Got the Vibe, Cherry finds herself in the city alone but doesn’t want to let the trip go to waste. She treats herself to a new vibrator and loses herself to the joy of glorious hotel masturbation.

If you haven’t tried using sex toys in your relationship yet, being out of your ordinary situation in a hotel is an ideal opportunity to introduce something new. It can really add to the excitement and abandonment. If you lay down the rules before you go, like, this is our space and time to experiment. Then if it isn’t something you enjoy, it’s easy to compartmentalise it to that one event.

The best thing about raunchy hot and wild naughty hotel sex?

Reminiscing about it later…

Here are our top five reasons to book that room for some naughty hotel sex:

1- Turn up the volume

Put the Do Not Disturb sign up and make as much noise as you like! No kids to wake up or nosey neighbours to walk past in the morning.

2- Crisp white sheets

Ahhh the joy of fresh linen to luxuriate in. Languish and roll about making all the mess you like safe in the knowledge it’s not you getting rid of the stains…

3- Anonymity

Nobody knows who you are here, get down and dirty and try out new things. How about a bit of bondage? Roleplay can be much easier in a new environment. Don’t forget that hotel bar… your own private seduction lounge.

4- Luxury

Feel like the kings and queens of your very own castle for the night, sipping champagne and indulging in fluffy robes and slippers.

5- Relaxation

There’s nothing to get up and rush for, apart from a well-deserved full English breakfast.

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