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We’re here to champion a Valentine’s solo seduction extravaganza! After all is there anyone who can love you just the way you can? You know your favourite flowers, you know your favourite scent, film, body lotion.

So we say, go all in for YOU this year!

Take a leaf, or should we say petal, from our beautiful Sofia’s book. In this gorgeous film, Lady Garden all about female sexual pleasure, a naked, voluptuous Sofia lies among a blanket of flowers where she indulges in her favourite self-pleasure fantasy. Lavishing sensual and romantic attention on herself, she allows her body to be loved and satisfied over and over again. And who is bringing this expert touch to her needy body? Why, it’s herself!

Sofia doesn’t just stop at buying herself delightful bouquets; no she takes her solo seduction to the next level by exploring all her erogenous zones one by one until her orgasms build.

Your own solo night in needn’t be quite so extravagant! Why not do something as simple as having pudding first? Even this tiny act of rebellion can set you up to feel a bit cheekier than usual. Paint your toenails, pull on some stockings, or get comfy in your favourite cosy jammies. Trail your fingers across your clavicle as you watch Sofia do the same.

Watching someone else touch their body and mirroring their movements can be such a turn-on. Especially when they finally reach a finger or two down to their dripping pussy. Sliding your touch beneath your lacy knickers, only to find how warm, inviting and soaking wet it is, can be a lovely surprise.

We’ve pulled together a quick reminder of all the things you already know, but sometimes, let’s slide when it comes to solo seduction. It can be all too easy to dive right in, not warm yourself up, and go straight for the quickie.

Simple solo seduction – ways to romance yourself

  • Put on some music
  • Light candles
  • Turn the heating up! Or light a fire
  • Eat your favourite food – especially if it’s pudding first
  • Have a bubble bath
  • Turn off your phone notifications!
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you love you
  • Choose a saucy, erotic sex movie to watch
  • Pop on some headphones and listen to an audio erotica story with your eyes closed.
  • Allow your hands to roam across your body – see if you can locate any new erogenous zones.
  • Indulge in some edging – take yourself to the brink over and over again… until… wowza!

Plan Ahead

Why not start this solo seduction a week or two in advance? We’ve talked about scheduling sex in the past, but what about scheduling masturbation?

Treat yourself to a new sex toy and have it arrive a few days before your date one, but do not let yourself unwrap it. Take this edge play to extremes by choosing your film/audio/story ahead of time, too, only allowing yourself a peek now and then to truly whet your appetite. Why not put reminders in your calendar for random times throughout the days leading up to your date? Make the title something a bit naughty, a little love letter to yourself that will pop up in your notifications. Set reminders so you can remember about yourself and how hot you damn well are.

If you’ve never taken any nude selfies, this might be an excellent opportunity to try it out. There are no expectations from a recipient to have you feeling under pressure, just you focussing on your favourite bits and marvelling at how they all go together so perfectly. Look at the turn of your ankle, the lovely way your pinkie cocks out slightly when you’re not paying attention. Focus in rather than out. Take the perfect pose off the menu and truly appreciate the smaller bits adding to the magnificent total.

Try Something New!

We’re talking about challenging your preconceived ideas of what you enjoy sexually. Being by yourself can allow you the headspace and freedom to seek different forms of titillation. If you always choose a solo masturbation movie to watch. Why not try a threesome sex movies this time, or one exploring pleasurable anal sex? Without worrying what a partner might think of your choices, you might find yourself opening up to new and unexpected pleasures.

The biggest piece of advice that we find ourselves giving over and over again when it comes to solo seduction and self-pleasure is that you have to allow yourself first. Give yourself the all-important permission to explore your sensual mind unencumbered by any preconceived notions of right or wrong or the fear that you’re not doing something correctly. We have enough pressures and judgements on us in this life, so in this one area, let yourself be in full control over your own surrender into sexual solo seduction heaven.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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