My fantasy of a clitoral piercing goes back many, many years to when I was 18 and the very first time I bought a ‘men’s magazine’.  I know that phrase really dates me, but that is was the incredibly sexist terminology used at the time.

I was just 18 and so was legally allowed to buy one of these adult publications.  I can remember going to the newsagents and idling back and forth past the rack of magazines until the shop was virtually empty.  I was so scared that someone I knew might see me, and probably just as scared of being told I was not old enough to buy a top-shelf publication.  But the desire was enough to give me the courage and, in a quiet moment, I made for the magazines, stretched up and picked a glossy journal from its perch.  It wasn’t a random selection.  The woman on the front looked particularly alluring and I felt I just had to see what she was like naked. And then followed the walk of shame to the counter where a very uninterested middle-aged woman took my money and I rammed the publication into my bag and left the shop as fast as I could.

I recall getting home, locking myself in the bathroom, and flicking through the pages searching for the model on the front cover.  I found her in the middle.  The first few shots showed her in a loose-fitting blouse and underwear.  With each turn of the page, she was wearing less.  First, her blouse disappeared, then her bra and, when I hit the centre pages, she was naked – apart from black stockings and black, patent stiletto court shoes.  As I scanned her wet-dream-inducing body I noticed that her lady’s bits were adorned with something that I thought quite remarkable – she had a small golden ring in it.  It was located in her labia, to be precise.  I was both amazed and fascinated.  This was way before such piercings (in fact any piercings apart from the ears) became de rigueur.  And this clitoral piercing was something I thought very exciting, very daring.  And deliciously naughty.   I loved her for it.

A woman in erotic image featuring a clitoral piercing

I am sure I duly pleasured myself for all of fifteen seconds (well, in those youthful days, speed was everything…you need to be a lot older to realise the joys of taking your time!) while staring at this remarkable woman and her equally remarkable jewel.

And then, about a dozen years later, my fantasy was fuelled when R18 videos first appeared (and to readers of less advanced years than me, these were the first videos that legally showed erect penises and penetration).   A similarly bejewelled actress – though a different one – was in the very first video I purchased.  As with the first model, I first saw her clothed, talking to a guy at a desk.  She had a business jacket, matching the skirt that ended just above the knee and a crisp white blouse, with a few buttons undone at the front – probably one more button than you would be proper– to reveal the top of her cleave.  She wore a necklace that was draped over her chest with its end concealed in the dark gap between her breasts.  Again, she slowly stripped.  First, to her bra and knickers – black with a fine lace trim – and then her partner slowly removed these.  The overlong necklace had a pendant at the end and this kept catching, sexily, on her increasingly erect nipples as she twisted and turned during their initial foreplay. As the man’s hand moved from her breasts to her lady’s garden, I thought I caught sight of a flash of gold.  Surely not?  And then, as he started to stroke her clitoris and, as the camera moved in closer, I could confirm her clitoral piercing, that she did indeed sport a stunning gold ring in her labia.

Erotic image featuring a clitoral piercing

Seeing her partner continue to play with her pussy ring – as I will call it – during their lovemaking was utterly sublime.  And I could only wonder what it must have been like to feel that wonderful ring running alongside your shaft when sliding your cock into such a becoming pussy.

Since then I have always enjoyed fantasies of women with a stud or a ring in their pussies.  Being with a woman who has one of these sumptuous jewels in her lady’s garden has to be the ultimate on my sexual wish list.

Erotic image featuring a clitoral piercing

So, here is one version of this sexual dream.

I see her at a business drinks event.   She is chatting happily with a couple of guys.  She is slim, and wearing a fairly tight fitting black dress which ends just above the knee; her legs are slim and shapely.  She wears a white blouse which is unbuttoned just enough to reveal a hint of cleavage.  Two further things catch my eye.  Her black, patent leather court shoes with a seriously high heel, and a necklace that disappears between her breasts.

She is confident, interesting, and seemingly very popular.  Whenever I look she is always deep in conversation with at least one other guy.  She is clearly in demand.  Her beauty is compelling and I sense a need to speak with her.

Somehow, I work my way around the room until I manage to catch her in a moment when she is not engrossed in the conversations of others.  We start to talk; a conversation develops and is sustained for what seems like minutes, but in reality is nearly an hour.  She is erudite and I love this in a woman.

Every time she drops eye contact, I steal a look at her cleavage.  I sense she knows this and as we continue to talk I realise that most have left the gathering.  I also sense that she is physically closer to me than she has been during our whole time together.

She makes the first move.  “What next?”

I respond positively: “Your call.”

“My hotel room is just up the road.  Fancy another drink?” she suggests.

I smile in agreement and we walk up the road, still deep in conversation.  She takes her key card from her handbag as we get in the lift. We ascend alone, and we share a smile and what I think might be a knowing glance.

In her room, now, and I am sitting in an armchair.  She offers a drink.  I say yes and she brings it to me.  This is the moment.  Either we continue to talk, and the evening will be one of the words and what-ifs, or we have sex.

I want sex and think she does too.  My turn to make a move.  “That necklace has been teasing me all evening – what is at the end of it?”

I give her options.  She could simply describe it and we carry on talking, or she could pull it out of her ample cleavage.  Better still, she might even encourage me to explore.

She opts for none of these.  Instead, she undoes the front of the blouse and shows me herself.  There’s a small gold pendant, with some sort of Celtic design on it.  She sits on my lap and puts it in my hand.  I look at it, ask her what the design is, but get no answer, as by now we are kissing, our tongues deep in each other’s mouths, tasting the drinks the other has been imbibing.

I put my arms around her back, and fiddle for the bra fastening; she takes over and unclips it, letting it fall to the floor.  Her nipples are hard, and the pendant brushes against them as she leans back to flip her hair out of the way.

We kiss again, and as we do my hand cups a breast.  The pendant touches my knuckles and I grasp it and start to rub it gently against her hardening nipple.

I am hardening, too, and she drops a hand to stroke the outside of my fly.  I copy and slip my hand up her skirt and do the same with her knickers.  She unzips me and slides my pants to one side and starts to stroke my solid member.  I slide my hand under her pants and am guided by a narrow line of neatly trimmed pubic hair to a damp, smooth pussy.

And then it happens, I feel the cold gold ring in her labia.

“Gorgeous”, I whisper in her eye.  “That is so naughty.  But I love it.”

“I’m a rather naughty woman,” she whispers back.  “And I love it that you love it.”  After a moment, she gives me a command: “Tease me with it”.

And so she slips off her skirt and pants, leaving just hold-ups and those black court shoes and I flick the ring with my fingers, I tap it, tug on it, roll by palm over it.  Her juices begin to flow freely and she asks me to lick her.

We move to the bed and as I go down on her, I feel her manoeuvring me so that she can simultaneously take me in her mouth.  I am on the verge of coming when my tongue touches that ring.  But, this is a fantasy, and I have the control I need and I hold on.  Eventually, when her moistness covers my mouth and chin, she pulls me away, rolls me over and climbs on top of me.  She sits up and lowers herself on to my vertical cock.

As I slide in I feel that line of metal.  And as we begin to thrust, I feel it more and more.  She directs my fingers to her clitoris, but I manage to keep my hand in contact with the ring as I stroke her.  She comes first and her thrusts increase and her grip on my cock hardens.  Moments later my explosion comes.  And as I feel my cum pulsing through my penis I can feel the warm metal ring encouraging me all the way.

Totally spent, she tells me the tale of her ring and by the time she has finished my cock is just beginning to twitch with excitement once more.  This fantasy is truly golden and we pleasure each other for the second time.


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  1. Never too old! Have to say I’m tempted to get one done, though a male equivalent. Do let us know if you were brave enough to get it done.

  2. That was exciting enough to make me think that I could have a “clitoral” piercing myself even if ……. I might be too old for it”!!!!!

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