This is my story of how I went from a very dull, almost non-existent sex life to having some great excitement and fun.

It all happened about three years ago.

I’d been married for 30 years, I won’t say happily, and in a really low place with no sex life to speak of and wanting to see what was out there. My wife was the only women that I’d had sex with to that point, but it had become infrequent and very vanilla and boring when it did happen.

I decided to have a try at one of the online hookup sites to see if they worked and to see if this would bring some action for me.

I tried a few but wasn’t getting any joy, and then out of the blue, a lady of about my age made contact. We arranged a telephone conversation initially and that went well so we agreed to meet up.

We arranged to meet at a large supermarket for coffee to get to know each other a bit before the hoped-for encounter—well at least hoped for on my part.

We never made it into the coffee shop as she, I will call her Linda, said that she had access to the house of a friend close by and we set off.

Fifteen minutes later and we were sat together having coffee and telling each other about our lives and why we were on a hookup site.

Linda took the bull by the horns and said, “We both know what we’re here for, let’s go upstairs.”

My heart started to beat faster at the prospect of what was about to happen and I followed Linda to the bedroom.

Once inside, Linda’s lips met mine and we were kissing each other with a passion and holding each other in a very tight clinch.

Linda’s hand went down and found its way into the front of my trousers and into my pants. For the first time other than my wife, my cock was growing under the caressing and groping of a very sexy lady.

We continued to kiss and I followed her example and felt for her lovely breasts through her bra, then lowered the straps to release them to my gaze. I carried on and slid my hand to Linda’s crotch and found a clean-shaven pussy, much to my delight.

Linda broke away from our kissing and asked, “Would you like to be sucked.”

Would I? Oral sex and blow jobs were never on the agenda at home and I was delighted to lie back and let Linda have her way with me. She licked and sucked away at me with vigour for what seemed like ages and I was loving every second, trying to not cum too soon and spoil the moment.

Finally, Linda looked up and asked if it was her turn.

We removed the rest of our clothing she laid back for me to feast on her pussy. I have always wanted to have more oral sex and the thought of eating her out for ages was a dream. I licked and sucked away with a passion while Linda groaned in pleasure at what I was doing.

Linda then said, “Put it inside me.”

Which of course I was very keen to do and I slid into her eager pussy right up to my balls. I worked away making Linda groan and cry with excitement. We both had a great time and I tried in vain to hold onto for longer as my sperm shot into her pussy.

We recovered a little before Linda suggested a sixty-nine. Again something new for me and we arranged ourselves to enjoy feasting on each other. By the noises coming from Linda, I seemed to be doing something right, as she writhed around above me while sucking deeply on my hard cock.

Then came another pleasurable surprise for me when Linda squirted over my mouth and face. It was wonderful and again, something that I’d never experienced before. We carried on eating each other and Linda squirted on me many more times, soaking my face in her juices.

We adjourned for a much-needed cup of tea before returning once more to the bedroom to carry on where we had left off.

This time we tried all manner of positions with Linda riding me, and me taking her doggie fashion, and both of us having a fantastic time before I came again and she squirted over me.

We came to a stop two hours after we had started and it was an experience I will never forget considering the type of sex I had been used to. We had a shower together which in itself was very sexually charged with my cock still nudging at Linda’s pussy while we soaped and washed each other.

That was the end of that session but we didn’t leave it there and met again on many occasions. Shortly after our first encounter we met at the house again at 10 am in the morning and I did not leave until 3 pm. We got up to so much that I was struggling to keep up with Linda. Afterwards having been soaked by numerous more squirts from Linda’s delightful pussy, she told me that she had cum a massive 37 times. My mind was blown at what I had been missing for so many years.

After a number of weeks, Linda told me that her friend who owned the house had asked if we would mind him coming along to watch and perhaps even join in. I certainly didn’t mind this was even more new experience and excitement and I could not wait.

Once we got over the niceties and got into the action Linda was really having a great time as we took turns with her pussy and her mouth and spit-roasted her for what seemed like hours. Both he and I came more than once and Linda took our sperm into both her pussy and mouth with equal pleasure.

Unfortunately, Linda and I are not seeing each other anymore, she has now got herself a new partner, but the memories will live with me forever and I will always be grateful to her for showing me how magnificent sex could be. I live in hope of finding another Linda and perhaps fulfilling my ultimate dream of a threesome with two beautiful ladies at the same time.

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