Party night – my sex party confession.

I was woken by the sun streaming in through my window. It was a Saturday in mid-summer and already quite hot, too hot for nightwear, so I rose, slipped a thin robe over my naked body and went in search of tea.

There was a ‘plop’ in the hall—post! I went to collect it. There on the mat was an ornate-looking envelope in black and gold. I opened it to find an invitation to a party being thrown by an old friend. His parents lived in a large elaborate house with extensive grounds and every so often when they went away, he housesat and threw lavish parties. I felt a small tingle of excitement, as these were no ordinary parties, they were the sort where you chose your outfit very carefully and had to be prepared for anything to happen.

It was arranged for the following Saturday so I had a week to prepare.

I turned on the shower and stepped under. As the water trickled over me, I began to think about the upcoming party and what I might wear. A warm glow spread through me and my pussy tightened at the memory of the last one he’d given. One particular memory came to mind of an encounter in one of the bedrooms.

I had wandered in to drop off my coat. Having arrived late, people were already having fun and I walked into a tangle of nakedness. Two attractive busty ladies were giving pleasure to a very excited man, his rock-hard cock was being devoured greedily. At the same time another rock-hard cock was just about to slip into one of the eagerly awaiting pussies. The temptation to join in was overwhelming, but seeing as I had only just arrived, I felt I needed to circulate.

I remember it being a very active night. I started to wash as I was recalling the events of that evening, my hands caressed my breasts as I massaged in the soap, and I stroked my hardening nipples. As I washed the rest of my body my excitement rose and my pussy started tingling. My whole body was on fire. I dried myself and smoothed on some body cream. As I was massaging it in my hand slipped between my legs feeling how wet my pussy was, my clit was hard and swollen and needed attention. I lay on the bed stroking my nipples with one hand whilst rubbing my clit with the other. What I would have done for a big hard cock, I was desperate to be fucked and the thought of one nudging its way in was too much and glorious waves of orgasm rippled through me.

The week passed far too slowly, but it gave me time to shop for a perfect new outfit, and I knew just the right shop to go to. It was owned by a very sexy lady who was only too willing to model any garment I chose so I could see how it would look. I couldn’t help wondering what she got up to in her spare time, maybe one day I would ask her.

Saturday dawned. I had a lie in knowing I’d be out till early hours. The weather looked good, and it promised to be a balmy evening, just right for outdoor activities. Late in the afternoon, I had a lovely long bath, with scented candles filling the room with delicious perfume. The familiar feeling of butterflies started to creep in. My outfit was laid out on the bed, what there was of it, so after I had applied my favourite erotically scented body cream, I started to dress. I had chosen a small tight red lace dress, very short and very low, it showed off my pert breasts beautifully. A tiny red thong and black lace top stockings finished it all off perfectly. I always felt less is more on these occasions. I applied my makeup carefully, dark smokey eyes and luscious red lips. I slipped on a pair of high-red heels and was ready.

The taxi dropped me by the large front door, which was open. It was like stepping into another world and took my breath away just to see how many people had already arrived and the amount of flesh on show. I found my host, who greeted me with a kiss and a drink and pushed me in the direction of a group of chattering ladies, some I recognised from previous events.

Several drinks later, I was being passionately kissed by one of these ladies—it never took long for these parties to take off and generally, with me it started with girl-on-girl action. She was very tanned as I saw when she removed her dress. Her beautiful breasts were pert with large erect nipples, I just had to kiss them.

She moaned in delight and slipped her hand inside my dress to find mine. She worked very quickly and soon had me on my back, licking my aching pussy lips.

Oh, how I wanted a cock, I needed to be fucked so badly! But this would do for starters. She moved round and sat over me so I could lick her too. She tasted so good and soon we were both lost in waves of eroticism. Her pussy juice was so sweet. It dribbled deliciously into my mouth and ran down onto my neck, I lapped it all up and used my fingers to scoop out more.

She was sucking hard on my clit and waves of orgasm started to pulse through me, she too started to cum and soon we were both lost in pulses of exquisite pleasure. The smell of sex was overpowering and so erotic. We had drawn a little audience, one male in particular looked very turned on. He sat quite near, stroking his bulging cock that was making itself apparent beneath his trousers.

I retrieved my clothes and made for the bathroom. Had a quick clean-up, replaced my now very wet thong and headed back to find some more fun. The need for a good hard fuck was getting very strong, I looked about searching for a likely candidate to oblige. Things were a little quiet, a lot going on but mainly in discrete corners, so I helped myself to a glass of bubbles and headed outside.

It was a beautiful night—so warm, and the air was sweet with the scent of Jasmine. I strolled across the terrace and stood looking over a little wall down across the garden. There were a few people dotted about on various benches, and on a table on the lawn was a lady with her legs spread wide, having her pussy licked, she was enjoying it immensely. As I watched, the guy stood up and showed off a large, very erect cock, which he took in his hand and rubbed slowly. I heard the horny lady shout, “fuck me, fuck me now!” He didn’t need to be told twice. He thrust his throbbing rock-hard cock straight in as far as it would go, I could hear the gasps of pleasure.

My pussy tightened, and I couldn’t help feeling a little jealous, it was a beautiful-looking cock and I wanted it too. I finished my drink and was about to go and join them when I sensed someone behind me. Hot breath on my neck sent an excited shiver through my entire body.

Should I turn around?

But then there were hands on my waist and small kisses being showered across my shoulders and back—it was electrifying. My already aroused state heightened, and I felt new moisture between my legs. Hands slid round onto my stomach then up to my breasts, caressing them, pinching my erect nipples that were poking through the lace of my dress.

I reached behind me to explore the body that was pushing itself into me. I could feel a large swelling, a big dick needing to be released from its restraint. Not knowing his identity was so thrilling, so erotic. I slipped my arms out of the dress to reveal my breasts. Then a hand slid down between my legs, and I heard a small gasp as he felt how wet I was. He pushed me forward slightly and pushed his hand under my thong, pulling it to one side, and sliding his fingers along my dripping wet slit. He slid my thong down and I obligingly stepped out of it.

He stooped down and took a long lick. I heard a zip being undone and was firmly grasped by my hips. A rock-hard cock was rubbed over my juicy pussy—I almost came there and then. I bent forward to give better access and felt the cock slide straight in.

I came very hard immediately and felt the beautiful cock pulse and throb. I was fucked like never before. I was pounded and rammed so hard I knew there would be bruises, but it was amazing. I came again and again, getting lost in his uncontrollable lust.

Suddenly he stopped and cried out, and I felt his penis explode in my pussy. It pulsed and throbbed and I could feel jets of hot sperm shooting into me, I came again. There was so much sperm, I felt it running down my legs. I reached down and scooped some onto my fingers, it tasted so good I went back for more, lapping it greedily.

He whispered, “thank you,” and disappeared.

I stood for a few minutes recovering my composure, I needed another drink. I looked for my thong as my pussy and inner thighs were wet and sticky with sex juices, as I thought it might be a good idea to put it back on, but it was nowhere to be found. So I headed indoors to get cleaned up.

It was getting quite wild—things had certainly livened up while I was outside. In the hallway, I bumped into my host.“Enjoying yourself,” he asked.

“Oh yes,” I said, “very much.”

He pulled me to him and kissed me, at the same time, slipped a hand between my legs. “So I see,” he said. He rubbed his hand all over my soaking pussy, then smelt and licked it, such a turn-on, I was feeling horny again already. “There’s nothing I like better than fucking a pussy filled with sperm,” he said, and with that he pulled me into the nearest bedroom.

There was already someone in there, but it mattered not. He eased my dress down over my hips and kissed my breasts. I undid his trousers and reached in for his cock. We had fucked before, several times at previous parties, so I knew what I was going to find. His was a very thick and heavy cock, and I knelt in front of him, took him in my mouth and deep-throated him as far as I could, something I knew he enjoyed. He throbbed and thrust himself in and out of my mouth and my pussy got wetter, if that was at all possible.

He pulled me up. “I’ve got to have you right now,” he said and pushed me down onto the bed.

The couple already on there kindly moved over. With my legs spread wide, I received his enormous cock, with a gasp of delight. It slid straight into my soaking pussy, slipped in and out with hardly any effort, and I came again, pussy juice running out and soaking the bed. He stopped for a few moments for me to catch my breath, then fucked me with beautiful long hard thrusts that sent him over the edge, pulling out just as jets of delicious hot sperm shot over my stomach and breasts, then thrust back inside me to give me another pulsating orgasm.

My whole body jerked and throbbed, it seemed to go on forever, rippling through me wave after wave. Finally, he rolled off, and we lay there for a few minutes in silence, unaware the other couple had gone—we were obviously too wrapped up in our own erotic pleasure to notice. He ran his hands over my body, feeling the sticky sperm, scooped some onto his fingers and gave them to me to lick, so delicious!

“Come on,” he said, “I’ll get you a drink and something to eat.” I found my dress and headed to the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later, we were in the luxurious kitchen enjoying coffee and canapés while winding down.

“I love your parties,” I said, “but next time, I’ll bring a spare thong.”

I never did find mine!

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